25 December 2008


Backtracking: New Hobby

I have a new hobby. I began to paint with acryllics. I kept this quiet for some time because the first few paintings were supposed to be Christmas presents. Christmas is over and the presents were given, so now I feel that the time is right to write about it.

Gitte started me on painting. She paints herself and had tried to encourage me to try it out myself for some time.

The photo shows Gitte painting her picture "Evolution".

The thing that got me started was not painting in itself but "leftovers" from a cut and paste art project that Terese and I started on (and still haven't finished). I had a gold paper dragon head silouette in the wrong size which I didn't want to toss out.

With help of the original paper pattern of the dragon head, a bunch of glitter, sequins, canvas and some blue paint I fabricated this picture. Well, actually I first finished it recently. It took some time for me to find a way to prevent the sequins and glitter to drizzle off all the time. I managed, as you can see. :-)

That was the start of the end. ;-) I made one more cut and paste picture which became a Christmas present and quickly moved on to painting with stencil patterns I made myself.

I am still "stuck" in this phase. Gitte explained and showed me a lot, and now I experiment with different kinds of texture pastes and gels.

I am also playing with colors and trying a bunch of different techniques. At this point, I don't think that there is a single picture where I haven't tried something new. Also I noticed that I moved to larger canvases. When I stated a 24 x 30 cm canvas seemed huge. Now I consider everything at 30 x 40 cm and below as very small. ;-)

I am also a person who has several projects in progress at the same time. Right now I have two picture ideas ready to be put on canvas in my head, two that I still think about, and five in various stages of completion.

Here is the finished picture og Gittes "Evolution".

24 December 2008


Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is usually very relaxed, cozy and quiet for us. We always try to create a snugly atmosphere with lit candles and warm tea or good wine (or both), and then we talk, listen to the radio or read stories. :-)

The rabbit also likes it when we create a comfy atmosphere. The more she is at ease the closer she will sit with you.

And when she is really happy she will groom what ever is close (but preferably living beeings).

Here she is grooming toes. And let me tell you, rabbit tongues are very soft in contrast to cat tongues. ;-)

A view of the gifts for my father and lit candles.

I painted this picture for my father. It got done the morning I left and turned out quite different than I had intended. (Painting is new for me and I am still experimenting, but I love it and wish I had more time and inspiration.)

My father liked the picture so much that he hung it up without a frame. It needs to get a frame, though. The frame will balance it and make it look "finished".

My father had a ton of gifts for me. It's been quite a while since I got so much for Christmas.

Here they are unwrapped. In the back you see the olive oil and green tea. In the second row you have a metal cablecar (which actually works! I can almost not wait to try it out.), and an oldfashioned Christmas bauble in form of a sail boat. It doesn't look christmasy at all and is very delicate and beautiful. Then there is very good cocoa and the best nougat bread spread ever! :-) In the front lies a candle made from beeswax. I love beeswax candles, but I havn't found them in Denmark, yet.

These pretty turquoise earring were in the 25th package of my Christmas calendar. I have hardly any earrings which are not entirely silver colored. I am looking forward to waering them.

These stencils are a gift from Gitte. They will make a lot more sense once I have backtracked a little more.

These books are from my mom and arrived a few days ago. My mother wanted to test ordering books via amazon and called me to guide her though an order and decided to order something for me.

From the Christmas and birthday money my mom had sent earlier I bought an 8GB memory chip for my camera. (muahaha!)

This is the tea cup I gave myself for Christmas. I bought it at the Tea Lounge in Mannheim on the way here. Ireally like these kind of cups. They are very good to warm your hands and have a comfortable form. Terese brought one home from Japan, but unfortunately it broke.

A very nice and cozy Christmas Eve with my Dad, the rabbit and the cat! :-)



Today all of us were somewhat busy with the last Christmas preparations.

Pinella (the cat) slept,

and was not at all amused to be disturbed.
She trusts me now enough to be petted, but obviously not enough to be photographed...

Penelope was busy hiding (or probably dozing) behind the shelves and between the desk and the wall.

(I couldn't convince my camera to focus on her...)

Here is a view from the other side. ;-)

My father was busy digging out his dahlias. He had been convinced that they died in this years one night frost in november, but after he found living earthworms in the balcony flower boxes, we decided that there was a good chance that the dahlia were still alive. So now they get a chance to hibernate in the basement or stairway.

And I was busy decorating. Our Christmas tree grew quite a bit, so this year we do not have enough winterproof Christmas baubles...

We have some new inside Christmas baubles, so the livingroom is now decorated nicely. :-)

Of course, I also had a calendar package. Actually, there are still two, so I will open the last one tonight when we open the presents. :-)

These nice barettes are the same size as yesterdays and in the right light they look green. (In all other light they are more greyish which doesn't bother me at all!)

23 December 2008


Almost Uneventful Day

Fine red barettes for me. They are a little bigger than the ones I have and work wonderfully. :-)

The rabbit is king of the kitchen (and the whole appartment). ;-)

And the cat likes to sit on the windowsill and observe what is happening both on the outside and inside.

The cat is slowly getting used to me. :-)

22 December 2008


A Blessing for Unruly Hair

A bunch of small hair bands! :-)
I've been looking for them for a long time.

At the moment I am experimenting with letting my hair grow long again. Well, maybe. Sort of. Generally, it is on the verge of driving me nuts. My bangs are too long and hang in my eyes and too short to be tucked behind my ears. And the rest of my hair is too long for not doing anything with it and too short for real pigtails (or anything else). So, small hair bands are a real blessing. :-)

I didn't try them out at once, though, because I look like I have a serious case of mumps, since the lymphnodes in my neck are so swollen.

The rabbit is very happy that her "herd" is complete again. She follows us (mostly me) around and demands to be petted all the time (or so it feels).

21 December 2008



This fine little can contains black tea which smells very nicely of Christmas and was in my package today.

Today the neighbors cat (which we are looking after as long as its people are gone) accepted that I am not dangerous and have come to stay. Yesterday, the cat and I had an encounter which was a little stressed. The cat was sitting outside of my dad's balcony dor and wanted to come inside. When I opened the door, the cat came in, recognized that I wasn't my Dad, got this look on its face which small children get when they by mistake grab a strange persons hand instead of their moms, and fled. My father tried to calm the cat and called it inside again, but it just wasn't right.

Today the cat had enough courage to come inside and sleep on my dad's bed. I am not allowed to come close, but I am allowed to be here. ;-)

Penelope is a little weary of the cat, too. She places herself strategical so that she can both see me and the cat.

By the way, the cat is afraid of Penelope. One the one hand it is a little funny that a cat is afraid of a bunny. But then again, the bunny is somewhat bigger than the cat...

20 December 2008


Back to the Fold

I made it safe and sound! Never in my life have I packed my suitcase so fast. I probably forgot half and packed a lot of unnessessary stuff. But, I caught all my trains, and there were no delays. That in itself is reason to celebrate! :-)

As always when I change trains in Mannheim and have a little time, I went to enjoy a cup of very good tea at the Tea Lounge. It is in the train station and by far the best tea shop I know. You can also drink tea there or get it "to go". And they make japanese rice cakes and sushi. :-) My Dad loves their crackers (I don't), and I usually buy a bag for him when I'm there.

Pelelope recognized me but didn't come to greet me. She has arthitis in her hind legs and likes to move even less now than she did before. Nonetheless, she knows what she wants and makes you understand. ;-)

So, the first thing I had to do was pet her - for a long, long time.

Eventhough she moves less and can't do all the things she used to, she is still a very pretty lady and enjoying life.

Fridolin was also happy to be freed from the suitcase and joined his friends the Malwine-substitute-rabbit, the wild boar, and the "grunting" rabbit on the shelf.

In todays events I almost forgot to open the next package. It was triangular and contained vanilla flavored red tea. My father donated a tea can because the tea managed to work its way out of the skillfully crafted paper bag.

I discovered later that the paper bag, which was made from an A4 piece of paper, had a recipe for plum cake on the inside. I taped the paper back together and will try to make the cake next time I feel like baking. It certainly sounds good. :-)

19 December 2008


Last "Big" Package

The last "big" package contained a beautiful wooden cooking spoon. Later today I leave to visit my dad. I will take all the remaining calendar and Christmas gifts with me (unopened, of course). I am still not done packing or taking care of all the other chores that need to be done before I leave. And there are comming new ones all the time.

Yesterday I seriously angered a friend. I didn't mean to and I don't know how to make up for it. I feel that I have to go and apologize in person, also.

I am stressed. I want to hide under my bedcovers and sleep the world away. :-/

18 December 2008


More Color to my Life

A t-shirt in a "new" color. I don't think I own any clothes in this color, even though it suits me quite well. In reality this t-shirt is not as boring as it looks like in the picture. It is a size "boys 16 years" which makes it a "form-fitted" t-shirt for me. ;-)

Terese and I have been raiding the teenage boys t-shirt section at Føtex for quite some time now. The thing is that interesting, colorful and fun clothes are only made for children which we are very annoyed about. Therefore, we grab every chance we have to get our hands on clothes like these.

17 December 2008



They were in disguise - rolled up in a tube! That is also why I post so late. They had to be pressed before I could even attempt to take a picture. They still want to roll up. But not with me! Ha! They will be pressed some more!
(Hmmm, pressed fairies. That reminds me of something...)

16 December 2008


Testing the Theory - Day 3

Yes! Right again! Lime green LEGO. Just my color. muahaha! :-)

Well, so far my theory proved right. Now we have to wait and see, if I actually was right with identifying all remaining LEGO packages.
I will keep you posted. ;-)

15 December 2008


Testing the Theory - Day 2

Right again! Red LEGO. :-)
I wonder what color LEGO it will be tomorrow (if it is LEGO again, of course). Is there such a thing as purple LEGO? I hope it is not pink! Maybe it is orange or brown? I am tempted to open the package already today...

14 December 2008


Testing the Theory - Day 1

Yes! Just as I thought! This package contained LEGO. Beautiful yellow LEGO. I am thrilled. :-)

13 December 2008


Pattern Revealed - I Think

LEGO again - grey. And now I am pretty sure that I have found out what packages with LEGO look like. They are all wrapped in the same kind of gift wrap, and although they are not the same size or weight, they all roughly have the same shape. If my conclusions are correct, there will be LEGO in three more packages. I am at a loss with the colors, though. I know that LEGO comes in all kinds of colors, but I am still surprised again by every new color LEGO I unpack. Well, lets wait and see. ;-)

12 December 2008



"Easy to Learn"
"Fun and Exciting"
"Hours of Fun"
"Great for Eye-Hand Coordination"

That makes it sound like I am a total dofus and that there is something wrong with me if I cannot learn to juggle in no time. I don't really know if I should be offended or not...

11 December 2008


Puzzle - Or Not?

These puzzle pieces are actually coasters. They are cup size and do fit together puzzle style. I wonder if the Christmas elf chose them because I don't have any and always tell people that my furniture has to survive normal wear and tear in my home?

10 December 2008



By now I am quite used to be woken and shoved into the hands of strange humans. It is quite annoying, but luckily it also is over fast. So far, the only exception to this rule has been the elf whom I stayed with last year. She had been visiting a few times and I spent some time snuggled up to her, sleeping save and sound in her sweater.
Well, there seems to be another human with whom I have to put up with. He likes to play. I have to give him that. But he is a little slow in understanding... Today, for example, he offered me different kinds of food - which is nice of him, of course - but he is slow to understand that if I don't take more carrot but keep on searching that it is other stuff I want. It took him for ever to realize that I want more chickpeas and sunflower seeds.

Here I am with only one stuffed cheek pouch searching for more interesting food.

I like playing with this human. But playing with stuffed cheek pouches is not really fun. After I finally got more chickpeas and sunflower seeds I just wanted to empty my cheek pouches in my lair. The human didn't get that either. I really don't get how humans can be so dense sometimes.

I crawled around everywhere trying to find the way back to my lair, but somehow I didn't manage to find my way back. Humans are really huge and mysterious! A few times I managed to find very dusty places. But before I could explore them further my human found me and - whoosh - I was back where I started. Frustrating, I tell you. But luckily I finally got back to my lair and could enjoy all my findings. :-)




Again a heavy package which proved to be a puzzle toy.

It took me about half a minute to solve it (even though I am still half asleep). :-)

09 December 2008


"Pebernødderecipe of doom!"

This morning I received an email with a request for the "Pebernødderecipe of doom". It turned out that Pernille had tasted some of the spice nuts (pebernødder) that Terese and I made the day before and found them so extraordinary delicious that she just had to have the recipe. ;-)

I must say that I also like them a lot and haven't yet met anybody who didn't like them. For all of you who haven't tried them or don't know what I am talking about, the recipe is here.

There was more LEGO in my Christmas calendar. Today it was blue. :-)

08 December 2008


Eventful Day

Today started with white LEGO. MUAHAHAHA! :-)

It continued with the first day at work after being ill (trying to catch up with everything), and finished with a dinner and the awards ceremony for "Netværksprisen" (the Danish Knight's cross for commerce). Proremus (where I work) was nominated in the category "Special Award". We didn't win, but getting so far is a really big deal! The dinner and awards ceremony was pretty formal- especially since the awards were presented by H.R.H. Prince Joachim of Denmark (yes, you read right), so I kind of had to get some (new) nice clothes for this. I managed (with help and threats from Terese) to show up in an ankle long blue leather skirt and formfitting top. I felt very weired (I hardly ever wear skirts or dresses) but was complimented on my outfit. :-)

07 December 2008



Today there were fishies (and stuff) to plaster on windows in my package. (They were kind of hard to take pictures of. Sorry...) I think I will try to put them up in my bathroom and see how that goes. :-)

I have also updated my Blogs, Homepages and Webcomics page. I love surfing the net and bookmark a lot. Every once in a while I go through my bookmarks and clear out the boring ones and keep the interesting ones. Some of the interesting links made it to this page. ;-)

What I am still thinking over is my wishlist. I was asked to update it (probably because it hasn't changed at all and Christmas and birthdays are approaching...). Well, it is not wrong. I still wish for the things on the list. But, well, right now none of the things are wishes that are particularly important to me.
So, I'm trying to find out, what it is I wish for or that would really make me happy. The problem is that most of the things that come to mind are things which cannot be bought or given in the traditional sense like a boyfriend (Yes, I know, I got one last year. That is not what I mean...) and a bunch of kids, not having a depression, being able to work full time, being able to travel without panic attacks, more self-esteem, energy and time to catch up on doing all the tings I feel I missed out on during the last two and a half years, that my friends are healthy and doing well, and so on. Then there are the tings that could be bought or given but are pretty much impossible or out of reach like my dream house, a cat (no pets allowed in the apartment) or someone who cleans and cooks for me. *sigh*
Well, I am thinking. I'll update my wishlist if I get some good ideas.

06 December 2008


Green :-)

More LEGO! :-) Green this time.
I tried to go after the heaviest of the big packages today. This was it I think. None of the packages are heavy, and I have unwrapped most of the big ones already.

This packages seemed a lot bigger due to the bag it was in. Tourist postcard bags are a little stiff. This is a pretty one from the Glyptotek in Copenhagen. I have been there once before, but I want to go there again, since it was under remodeling when I was there.

I was at Tereses this afternoon (seeking refuge after a shopping trip through the horrible crowded downtown). I was not only pampered with tea and a bun, but I also received these wonderful green leather gloves as an early Christmas present. She said they are my color (they are actually more lime green than in this picture). :-)

05 December 2008


Better Again :-)

Yesterday was very horrible, but I feel better today. I was at my acupuncturist in the morning and took a long and relaxing tour through the city afterwards, and now I feel better. My head still hurts, but it is not trying to explode at the moment. ;-)

Yesterdays package contained a set of party balloons (the kind you can twist into animals and things). I'm not sure if it is the fever, but the picture instructions on the back of the package do not look G-rated at all...

Today's package revealed breakfast herb tea. I haven't tried it yet, since I cannot taste very much, but it looks interesting. Half of the herbs it contains I have never heard of before.

To answer some of the questions I got about my Christmas calendar:
No, the packages do not have numbers. I was told, which I was supposed to open first, but other than that, there is no order.
And yes, I mostly go for the big and/or heavy packages first. I will visit my father for Christmas, and dragging a lot of stuff 1100 km south and then home again is not exactly my definition of fun. And no, I will not open the packages ahead of time. So I will have to take them with me. :-)

03 December 2008


Sick and Whiny

My head hurts. My ears hurt. My eyes hurt. My sinuses are clogged I feel awful. :-(
Unfortunately, I am not sick enough to be zonked out, so I am also extremely restless and whiny.
In times like these I miss having a cat. Most cats come and snuggle up to me when I don't feel good. (Which is kind of weired, since I never owned a cat myself.) Well, I had to make due with my dragon hot water bottle - not as cozy, not purring, but at least warm.

Today's calendar gift was also comforting in a sort of disturbing way. I unpacked a hand full of black LEGO bricks. (I wonder if there is more LEGO...) After the initial joy over more LEGO (yes, I do play with LEGO and am proud of it!) my inner autist broke free and I spent what seemed like hours letting the LEGO pieces run through my hands and listening to the clinking noise they make. Very soothing and comforting!

Well, I am off to bed again. The wrestling stuffed animal is waiting...

02 December 2008


A Challenge

This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle was in the package I opened today. It's a nice puzzle, but it looks kind of hard. Hm, it's a challenge! :-)

But I am wondering... How does Terese manage to pull this off? I know where she gets these things, but I haven't seen them in the store at all. Maybe she has connections to some Christmas elves?

01 December 2008


Advent Calendars

The first package (the one I was supposed to open first) contained another Advent calendar.
I will take this one to the office. :-)

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