10 December 2008



By now I am quite used to be woken and shoved into the hands of strange humans. It is quite annoying, but luckily it also is over fast. So far, the only exception to this rule has been the elf whom I stayed with last year. She had been visiting a few times and I spent some time snuggled up to her, sleeping save and sound in her sweater.
Well, there seems to be another human with whom I have to put up with. He likes to play. I have to give him that. But he is a little slow in understanding... Today, for example, he offered me different kinds of food - which is nice of him, of course - but he is slow to understand that if I don't take more carrot but keep on searching that it is other stuff I want. It took him for ever to realize that I want more chickpeas and sunflower seeds.

Here I am with only one stuffed cheek pouch searching for more interesting food.

I like playing with this human. But playing with stuffed cheek pouches is not really fun. After I finally got more chickpeas and sunflower seeds I just wanted to empty my cheek pouches in my lair. The human didn't get that either. I really don't get how humans can be so dense sometimes.

I crawled around everywhere trying to find the way back to my lair, but somehow I didn't manage to find my way back. Humans are really huge and mysterious! A few times I managed to find very dusty places. But before I could explore them further my human found me and - whoosh - I was back where I started. Frustrating, I tell you. But luckily I finally got back to my lair and could enjoy all my findings. :-)


Nice guy!
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