30 November 2007



I found this comic on xkcd.com. I wish I had the money to do that too. The ones Terese found and posted here are my other favorites. :-)


29 November 2007


Advent Calendar

Terese made this huge advent calendar for me. I had to defend it against nosy people but got it home. I am so excited! :-)

28 November 2007


Long Silence Broken

I haven't been feeling too well, as some of you probably know or already have suspected after the last posts of October and the long silence thereafter. I am feeling better now and have a few things that happened during November which I want to share with you. I will post them in random order during the next few days (or more likely weeks). So if you are interested in reading everything, you will have to check all of November and make sure you don't miss anything I might post before entries you already have read. ;-)

27 November 2007


Rubber Boots

I bought my first pair of rubber boots since I was a child. Living in Denmark means living with (almost) constant rain. I already own good rain gear (jacket and pants) but still got wet feet all the time. Now I also own fashionable rubber boots with lace pattern and shoe laces. :-)

25 November 2007


Santa Claus is real

"Santa Claus is real because you would see many unemployed elves everywhere if he wasn't."

- Marius, 7 years

19 November 2007


How True #2


18 November 2007


Why you cannot play BloodBowl in New Zealand

In one of the BloodBowl fora I hang out at the following question came up:

"Why can't you play BloodBowl in New Zealand?"

Well, obviously because of the high humidity and the always looming risk of being attacked by turkeys with rabies. They can scent a BloodBowl game 10km away, and BloodBowl players are a rare delicacy for them, only topped by law students and future politicians.

Now you know!


16 November 2007


How True #1


11 November 2007


Special Day

Today is my father's 60th birthday. He doesn't look it. Occasionally he whines about getting old, though, and then he sounds like he is at least 80 years old. ;-) We had a very non-traditional birthday. We spent the day packing up the last things in my father's old apartment which took most of the day. On the way home we met some surprise birthday guests who had given up waiting for us to return. I had a really bad conscience about that because I convinced my dad to get done packing and not interrupt in the middle of everything just to get home an hour earlier. He said later that I shouldn't worry, so I try not to. We spend the rest of the evening with some late coming surprise birthday guests which was nice. Penelope wasn't too happy about these many people (but not miffed either), and spend most of the time wanting to be petted by me or begging for walnuts and dates.

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