13 March 2009


Goodbye Eduard

Eduard died yesterday. He was sleeping when I left for work and dead when I got home.

I kind of expected it since he didn't even wake up as he usually does when I stroked him.
It still hurts.
And I miss him. Even though we didn't see each other very much with him being awake when I was asleep.

It's the first time that one of "my" pets dies while I am around. With all the other pets I was living at a different place or away for a longer period of time. The loss was in a way not so immediate. Yesterday I still had a hamster living with me and today I went out and buried him. No more Eduard.
No one waiting for me to get home.
No one demanding my attention in the quiet morning hours.
No more comfy rustling hay.

My apartment feels very empty now, and I feel lonely in a weird and hollow way.

08 March 2009


Hamster Update

I just realized that the last hamster post was way back in December.
A lot has happened in little Eduard's life since then. The main thing being that he had a very rough time and is getting old. I thought he was about two and a half, but looking back I think he is somewhat younger. I don't know. I will ask Marianne.

I am pretty sure that he is going to die soon. He has been a lot less perky lately and slept most of the time. The last two days he almost stopped eating. And this morning he can hardly walk and doesn't seem to recognize me at all. :-(

I hope he is "just" old and not in pain. It is kind of hard to tell with hamsters, since they are good at covering up sickness. Judging from what I know about hamsters he doesn't look like he is sick. But then again, what do I know about hamsters? Today he looks like he is in pain, and that is new. :-/

Well, there isn't much I can do other than wait and see - certainly not one of my strengths...


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