17 February 2009


Valentine! (muahaha)


14 February 2009




13 February 2009




14 September 2008


More Physics #5


13 September 2008


Typical... (More Physics #4)

This is just so typical! Jorge Cham, the author of "Piled Higher and Deeper", comes to give a talk in Århus, and I am out of town. :-/ If any of you other lucky bastards wants to go, here are the dates: Sept. 19 - 3:15pm - Auditorium E, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, Bldg. 1530, Aarhus University.


12 September 2008


More Physics #3

This series is very good at reminding me of what it is that I love about physics. Sometimes I miss working in physics...


11 September 2008


More Physics #2


10 September 2008


More Physics #1


24 August 2008


No Joke

In March I posted this picture thinking that it was a joke. In my naivety I was convinced that printers only eat paper.

Well, I have learned that I was wrong. Printers do eat cats. Poor cats! ;-(


14 April 2008




04 April 2008


New Bar Mouse Again

I bought a mouse trapper (or bar mouse) for my computer at home after I noticed that my right shoulder and arm all of a sudden ached terribly. I knew that kind of pain in my right arm and shoulder from the times I worked overtime a lot. I tend to lean on my "mouse arm" when working in front of the computer. So I decided that this was enough, and since I obviously cannot sit up strait I better chance my computer gear. We have mouse trapper at my new work place, so I knew what I wanted and knew where to get it. This is my new mouse trapper. Unfortunately the inbuilt optical mouse died on the first one I had, so I had to get it replaced. But the company exchanged it super fast and without any problem. I really love my mouse trapper! :-)

I also noticed today that the first sprouts of marjoram (Majoran, merian) are comming up. I got the seeds (among others) from Achim as a birthday present.

This comic is somehow in a way a nice description of the "Embroidery and Baileys Club" that a few friends and I founded. ;-)


28 March 2008


Experimental Physicists


24 March 2008




15 March 2008


Sane and Rational


09 March 2008




14 February 2008


Be My Valentine

I found this on xkcd. :-)


12 February 2008


Fairy Tales

I've been surfing the net and found some web comics that I want to share. I read them all today - eating nuts and chocolate continuously the whole time. Somehow reading still requires enormous amounts of enery. But back to the comics.
The one I like best is a fairy tale called "No Rest For The Wicked". It is a "different" kind of fairy tale and reminds me very much of the book "Kissing the Witch" which is a book about classic fairy tales in new skins.
Another nice one is "Gravity" - normal and strange at once. And totally unpredictable.
And then there is "The Dreamwalker Cronicle" an indian fairy tale - I think.
These are my favorites for today. I will put them (and others) on my Blogs and Hompages page. Maybe you will enjoy reading them as much as I did. :-)


04 February 2008


Think of the Good Things in Life


31 January 2008


Somebody Likes Me!


30 January 2008


No Comment!


24 January 2008


Idling in front of the Computer

The last few days I used most of my time on either sleeping or idling in front of the computer. It is amazing how much time you can use doing "nothing". Well, actually, "nothing" amounted to quite a bit:

All in all quite a lot. And fun. I don't regret anything. Especially not getting more books! ;-)

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18 January 2008


Morning Procrastination

This morning I caught myself procrastinating on a grand scale. Obviously I subconsciously didn't want to go to work... By the time I was supposed to leave the house, I hadn't even been in the shower. I used the whole morning to read comics on the net, play online games, read blogs, surf, and touch up my profiles on various sites. :-/
Now I am home again and have to admit that it wasn't so bad. It was tiring but went OK. So why did I use my whole morning on dilly-dallying? I have no idea, but here is what I found:

I found that Maharet continues her blog at a new site and that she knits. I admire people who have enough patience to knit.

I also found "Joe's Goals" which I will try out for a while. I think it can help me with thinking and acting positive. ;-)

And, of course, I played the game that Delirium invited me to. I will not post it here because I don't want to make it easier for myself to continue procrastinating. Right now I type the URL each time I want to play, and I will try to keep it that way.


01 January 2008




13 December 2007


On Elves, Pranks, and Children

We already know that Scandinavian elves want to be treated well, or else they will be angry and play tricks on you. Today grandfather philosophied over why it is that elves will play a trick on you at Christmas regardless of how good you treat them. Thinking back to his own childhood he comes to the conclusion that elves probably also want to have a little fun once in a while, and he tells about the pranks he played when he was a child. The story with the exploding tobac seemed to have given little "me" some ideas of his own. ;-) Yes, you have to be careful with what you tell children. They will believe the weirdest things. I for example was convinced for the longest time that my father can see through walls which of course he cannot! -- Or can he?

Telling children wild stories and letting them explore the world on their own can be a lot of fun - especially if they are not your own. I went to see Christian Marius and his parents today and got the opportunity to show him that "grown up" food also tastes good. After dinner Christian, I and the table and floor around us were covered in potato. But we hat fun and were happy and full. Later, as Peter and I were bathing Christian, his grandmother remarked (quite aghast) that she would never have allowed Christian to make such a mess. I am very much aware that I introduced "eating food off other peoples plates" to Christian. And I must admit that I did so intentionally. I hope that Peter and Camilla will forgive me and that I may visit again.

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30 November 2007



I found this comic on xkcd.com. I wish I had the money to do that too. The ones Terese found and posted here are my other favorites. :-)


19 November 2007


How True #2


16 November 2007


How True #1


15 September 2007


Email addresses...


23 August 2007


good feeling - gone


19 August 2007


morning narcotics

This morning I woke with a hammering not-enough-coffee-headache. Very unpleasant. And it wasn't even 9 o'clock. So I rolled out of bed and brew myself a big jug of strong coffee which I gulped down almost boiling... At about 11:30 and after an additional very big espresso my headache had lessened to a steady but bearable pain behind my eyes. It is still there. :-(
I need to reduce my coffee intake...


15 August 2007


a bright side of living alone :-)

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09 August 2007




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