15 August 2009



I am visiting my dad - trying to get some distance and breathing space from being on sickleave again, struggles with my social worker, frequent hospital visits, frustration, uncertainty, anger and sadness.

With Penelope gone the appartment appeared very empty. I was greeted warmly non the less. ;-)

My father would be comming home later the day I arrived, so when I went into "my" room to unpack it took me a little while to notice the welcomming commitee consisting of:

"Malvine compensation bunny",

"the wild boar without tusks" and "the bunny which makes a strange sound".

All of them were trying to hypnotize this bowl which is filled with yummy chocolate, nuts and dried fruits. ;-)

Not as good as a live rabbit, but it made me feel very welcomed. :-)

Pinella (the neighbors cat) took just an instant to recognize me. She halted in mid-stride when she saw me and came purring as soon as she heard me talk. :-)

I started on supplementary antidepressants the night I arrived. They are supposed to help me sleep better and through the night. And they do! I sleep a lot better and all of a sudden I have almost no problem with waking in the mornings. Unfortunately, it looks like I am going through every single side effect that might occur. I felt downright shitty the last days. But I can see that it is getting better and hope that all the side effects will vanish completely and very quickly.

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