31 August 2007


Content and Very Innocent Rabbit

Penelope - very content.

A content rabbit likes to gnaw.

"Gnaw on doors? Me? Never!"
(She knows that she is not supposed to gnaw there...)

30 August 2007


Saarbrücken Views #1

Today my father and I strolled trough town (with my camera) and drank coffe in my favorite café. Here are some of the pictures I took:

This gargoyle is often home for pigeons who like to nest in it mouth. (My father said that I am not supposed to write the he looks like the gargoyle in the mornings. In my opinion my father looks a lot more energetic and has a lot more teeth...)

The castles church (on the left) got a new tower tip which I like a lot, since it makes the church more church like and less castle like.
On the right you can see the church tip behind the museum of natural history. It looks a little as if it belongs to the building. ;-)

Here you can see the castle and part of the castle garden.

This is a view from the castle over the Saar river. The interesting thing to see is that the bridge was chopped of and extended over the motorway whith a very horrible change of style. I also don't get the motorway. It is right next to the river and flooded every spring...

These blue deer are loose all over Saarbrücken. I have seen several. They seem to have been accepted of the people here.

29 August 2007


Things I Missed #1

Cheese! Many different kinds of cheese made of different kinds of milk. We had more cheese but have eaten some already. :-) yummy!

28 August 2007


The Wrath of the Rabbit

We took Ada to the vet. She had been limping (more than usually) and was making noises which sounded like boiling water in a kettle. Ada was not amused. First she was lifted in and out of the transport box, and then the vicious vet poked her and cut her nails. The vet wasn't concerned about the noises, but the limping is definitely due to an infected teat and maybe a tumor. We need to come back when the infection is gone. Ada wouldn't even look at us on the way home and ran off and hid as soon as my father had lifted her out of the transport box. She doesn't really look happy either...

Penelope on the other hand was very glad to have managed to find a new hiding place behind my (foldable) bed. :-)

27 August 2007


morning traffic passengers

We had an appointment at the new appartment at 8 o'clock. This meant that we had to be on the bus at 7:09 in order to make it on time. The 7:09 bus is packed with people going to work, lots and lots of school children and strange - 6 legged - stowaways. I just hope that the little fellow didn't get stomped to death by the horde of giggling girls. (I now fully understand why Brigitte always said that pubescent tenage girls should be shipped to an abandoned island until they are through puberty. My father commented this dryly with: "At least pubescent girls are occupied with each other in contrary to boys of that age." I imagine he knows what he is talking about.)

From the new appartment the university is a 10 min. walk away (through the woods, the old appartment is on the opposite side of the woods and hill as the univerity and the new appartment) - or so my father said... Knowing that my father lacks all sense for time and direction I had prepared and packed food, water and my mobile phone, and followed him jauntily into the woods. At every crossroad my father stared in all directions, cleared his throat and confidently pointed: "This way!" I knew that he was lost when he said that he would make me a hot cup of coffee at the university. Luckily we ran into a nice young man who also was on the way to the university and offered to show us the way. We chatted the whole way, so I doubt very much that my father memorized the way, but I am sure he will learn it sooner or later. ;-)

26 August 2007


forest creatures

There is no sensible bus connection to the university on Sundays. Which means: walking through the woods to the university.

Right now the forest is crawling with dung beetles - and ants. I didn't know that ants have stipes...

25 August 2007


greeted by old friends

I finally arrived and was greeted and welcomed by old friends.

Quiet (and heavy) Penelope - the coward - greeted me very cautiously, making sure I was still the one I used to be. She likes to lie not too far away from where I am sitting and enjoys to be stroked without end.

Her big ear turned in my direction indicates that she is not exactly sure if everything is normal. She is alert and listens very intently. ;-).

Ada - the spirited one - greeted me by tugging at my pants, and letting me know that it is still her who is the boss. She will unmistakably let you know what she wants, and if you don't react fast enough - or in the expected fashion - she will indignantly and impatiently tugg at your pants...

Eventhough she is listening and attentive to what I am doing, she will not be disturbed while nibbling on straw!

24 August 2007


No more food - ever!

She was packing and cleaning - unusually restless. And all of a sudden I get heaps and heaps of food. The world will end! At least, I will certainly never be fed again. I better hamster everything at once and beg for more....



Things do not always only happen to me!

When I logged in to Chore Wars this morning to report the battle lost to the "Talking Blackmold" I read with relief (and amusement) that Dust Du'Orden had been "Debugging (literally) the kitchen". It is very soothing to know that these things do not always only happen to me. :-)


23 August 2007


good feeling - gone


22 August 2007


carrot bead

I experimented with Tereses recipe for zucchini bread, and it turned out surpisingly well.

I used carrots instead of zucchini. A lot of carrots. At least 700g. I also added many walnuts and a big handful of sunflower seeds. The bread wasn't as moist and more compact since I mainly used dark spelt flour. I used white wheat flour only for the starter dough and to get the dough off my fingers while kneading (in all about 3-4 handsful).

It is very good. :-)


21 August 2007


The Familiar, the Adorable & the Ugly

There are only three kinds of babies: the adorable ones, the ugly ones, and the ones you know. Yesterday I visited friends of mine who became parents two months ago. Little Christian Marius is both familiar and adorable - especially in the towel I embroidered for him. ;-)

Babies (and cats) and I - either we like each other at first sight or we ignore each other for the rest of time... Christian and I like each other (I think). He fell asleep in my arm. :-)


19 August 2007


morning narcotics

This morning I woke with a hammering not-enough-coffee-headache. Very unpleasant. And it wasn't even 9 o'clock. So I rolled out of bed and brew myself a big jug of strong coffee which I gulped down almost boiling... At about 11:30 and after an additional very big espresso my headache had lessened to a steady but bearable pain behind my eyes. It is still there. :-(
I need to reduce my coffee intake...



Battling a Sticky Floor

While "Questing for the Satisfied Stomach" Gunvor encountered a "Sticky Floor". She slew it successfully and found 28 gold pieces and a "Forgotten Candy Stash". I am not exactly sure that eating any of that candy is a good idea. It is probably what made the floor sticky (and angry)...

Gunvor is now a Level 5 Ranger.




I am currently working on a page to explain why I chose "Bulette" as a name for my website and in the course of that I ran across this recipe for Buletten:

250 g ground beef
250 g ground pork
1 stale roll
1 egg
1 big minced onion
butter or lard for frying

Sweat oinion in butter. Soak roll in water and press out excess water. Knead everything together and divide into 8 parts. Form flattened balls and fry them in butter or lard.
Serve them either cold or warm with potatoes and their drippings.


18 August 2007


zucchini bread à la Terese

What do you do with a monster zucchini and a big bag of walnuts? You bake bread!

Terese and I had a monstrously big zucchini (sponsored by Tereses mother) and a big bag of uncracked walnuts (sponsored by my mother) and not really an idea what to do with them until Terese came up with the brilliant idea to bake bread. So she started som dough in the morning and let it rise until we met in the late afternoon.

starter dough:
ca. 2 dl water
1/2 pckg yeast
ca. 1 tsp sugar
add flour until you get about two hands ful (the size of Tereses hands) of very soft and sticky dough. Let it rise for at least 6 hours.

When we met in the afternoon we mostly argued about the amount of walnuts and the kind of flour we should add. The argument kind of died in the process of baking. This is what we added:

add to starter dough (which smells very sour and disgusting after rising for 8 hours!):
1/2 pckg yeast
cracked and chopped walnuts (as many as you like - or in our case, as many as I could sneak into the dough without too much protest from Terese)
salt (hm, it looked like a lot, but I imagine it was about 2 tsp)
ca. 8 hands full of shredded zucchini (press out excess water)
flour (some wheat flour to make the bread rise properly and some other flour (e.g. spelt) for taste) - we added about so much flour that the dough became kneadable and wasn't slobbery any more.
Knead until you get a sticky but workable dough. The more you knead it the more it will rise.
Bake at about 220°C for about 45 min.

This is the result: a little moist in the center but very tasty :)


17 August 2007


Algorithm March

16 August 2007


Defeated by the wrestling stuffed animal

Woe me! This morning I was defeated by the wrestling stuffed animal named Fridolin. See his black puppy eyes luring you into ambush by making you believe he is harmless. See his pointy horn which looks all soft and fluffy - which it is not. And believe you me - he is a lot(!) heavier than he looks!

The battle made Gunvor a Level 3 Fighter. ;-)


15 August 2007


from Enchanter to Babarian

Gunvor started out as a Level 1 Enchanter which sounded kind of nice. Today Gunvor became a Level 2 Babarian... Coincidence - or a broad hint?



a bright side of living alone :-)

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14 August 2007


morning phone call

If my phone rings in the morning on a work day, it is usually something important or someone who tried to get a hold of me for some time. So when the phone rang this morning, I jumped out from under the shower (graciously like an overweight fairy with a major hangover), and ran to the phone (leaving a wet trail behind).
This is how the call went (originally it was in Danish, though):
me (dripping water all over the place): "Hello?"
... static ...
me (a little louder, irritated and beginning to freeze): "Hello???"
the other: "Hello?"
me: "Yes?"
the other: "This is Marianne... (hesitating) ...Marius has a question for you."
me (seriously wondering): "Yes?"
Marianne: " What is water made of?"
me (totally overwhelmed): "... er ..."
my brain: "dig, burrow, rummage ... ah ... found it! ... er ... wrong language ... translate to Danish: oxygen ... translate to Danish: elektronegativ ...feed mouth following information: adfgjporem,b abafmhajoa,di...."
me (going on auto pilot): "adfgjporem,b abafmhajoa,di..."
my subconsciousness (to my brain): "Hey brain! Marius i 6 years old and has his first day of school on Thursday. He will not understand anything."
my brain (to my subconsciousness): "But his mother is on the phone!"
my subconsciousness (to my brain): "Yea, and she studied history and knows therefore exactly what you are talking about..."
my brain: "... er ..."
me (not longer receiving anything from my brain): "... er ..."
me (while my brain desperately tries to find an explanation that is understandable and will work over the phone): "... er ..."
Marianne (a little unsure): "So water is made of oxygen and hydrogen?"
me (grasping for the straw): "Yes, water is made of oxygen and hydrogen - twice as much hydrogen than oxygen."
Marianne (relieved): "Thank you! I will pass that on to Marius. I knew you would know something like that. Bye."

I better get a hold of Marius soon and explain to him what water is made of properly, and in a way that he can grasp the concept...


13 August 2007


Adventures in the Land of Nullermand

Our party of brave adventurers has grown to five members. We are now Hokuspokus PistVæk, Dust Du'Orden, Oberon, Starmetal Chef and Gunvor (that's me), and I am still waiting to hear from two more. :-) Strangely enough this seems to work for me. And a good thing it is! This morning, for example, I had the hardest time ever finding clean and dry clothes. I managed, but it wasn't easy. So beware, fellow adventurers! I will cast myself into battle as soon as I get home!




dark times are comming...

It has been harder and harder to get up in mornings which I ascribed to me not getting my beauty sleep. But this morning I had to switch on the light to read my newspaper. I had realized that it was getting light later in the morning, but today came as a surpise. Having to switch on the light in the morning in the middle of August simply feels wrong! No wonder that I can't get out of bed. On the other hand it feels just as wrong to start using my daylight lamp in the middle of the summer...

11 August 2007


Chore Wars

A school friend of mine mentioned in her blog that she and her husband actually get a clean appartment with the help of Chore Wars. So of course I had to check if this is something I could use too. (Those who know me know that my appartment at times looks as if a bomb exploded which almost always requires a flame thrower (or something of the like) to master the chaos again...) I am very happy to anounce that I am now member of a group of three adventurers participating in the Chore Wars. I think that we need to get in touch with each other very soon, though, and talk about rewards and the like. This will be quite a challenge since we all live alone and in separate countries. Let see if we can keep this alive for a while. ;-)


09 August 2007





first book request from bookmooch

Today I received the first book request from bookmooch. Someone is actually interested in one of the books I don't like/read/need. :) I have a lot of books and am constantly running low on shelf space. Since I think it is a crime to throw books away, I decided to register the books which I know that I will not read again or want anymore at bookmooch. Hopefully some other person has use for one or two. And this morning a mail was waiting for me telling me a person in the USA would like my english-danish dictionary. I will send it tomorrow. :)



One of those days...

This day started like one of those days that begin bad and turn worse. Waking at a quarter to three in the morning and not beeing able to go back to sleep tends to wreck my day before it even started. And yes, when it finaly was time to get up, I was so groggy that it took me over an hour to wake up sufficiently to waddle into the shower. It of course dindn't make me feel any better that people chattet at me and noting that I was up so early. (They mistook my beeing online for me beeing at work. I am usually online in the (early) morning reading the newspaper over my breakfast with a cup of tea. Today I was just very late in my daily routine and didn't even get to the newspaper....) I also cut myself twice while making and packing my lunch. :(
But, my day turned much better when I arrived at work and was greeted by Tina. :) It is amazing how one person can change your view of the world just by saying "hello".

Eduard was very suspicious of me when I came and talked to him this morning (at a quarter to three). He probably though something like: "what is that crazy human doing up in the middle of the night? What does she want?" He graciously allowed me to pat him - though only with one finger and only for a short while. ;)

06 August 2007



I dag er jeg ret træt efter en lidt ufrivillig vandretur i går. Jeg havde jeg en aftale med Rolf for at spille BloodBowl hos ham. Rejseplanen fortalt mig at bus nr. 14 stopper tættest på hvor han bor. Jeg fandt så ud af at det ikke er sandt - især hvis man ingen ide har, hvor man skal hen. Ifølge rejseplanen skulle jeg følge en sti igennem "noget grønt" (en park troede jeg) og det skulle kun tage 10 min. Efter jeg var vandret rundt i den vilde natur i 20 min (lårhøj græs og fine blomster, masser af buske og træer) og ikke en anelse havde, hvor jeg var, ringede jeg til Rolf for at sige at jeg stadigvæk var på vej. Han tog det med humor og var også så venlig at låne mig en - al for stor, men tør - t-shirt, da jeg endelig nåede frem, svedig og 45 min for sent. Tak! :)

Eduard doesn't like egg...

05 August 2007



bedre ;)

04 August 2007


arg arg arg!

Frygtelig design! :(







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