27 February 2009


Stockings, Socks and Other Thoughts

Buying socks is a necessary evil. I rarely go shopping for them, and when I am forced to do so, I am never happy with what I acquire. It is always a compromise in which I pull the shortest straw. Mostly I get my socks in form of birthday or Christmas presents. Or I get the ones my family and friends sort out. Somehow my family and friends are better at finding good socks. Alternatively, socks get better after they have been worn a while?

Well, my socks definitely go to pieces after I have worn them a short while. It doesn't make a difference either what kind of quality socks I wear. It is mostly my right big toe that eats its way through my socks. :-/ Usually, I just throw the one damaged sock out and wear mismatched pairs, but ever since I got left- and right-footed socks this is a problem. I am acquiring a bunch of left-footed socks which I feel bad about throwing out, since they mostly are in very good condition.
Any ideas on what I can use them for apart from wearing?

Anyway, I got this pair of knee-high stockings from Terese. She didn't like them because they have stripes in different shades of blue which was what intrigued me. I haven't worn knee-high stockings since I was in elementary school and hated them back then. Therefore it took me a while to actually wear them for the first time.

They are absolutely fantastic! :-)

They keep my feet comfortably warm (and yes, at times this is an enormous challenge), they don't slide down to my ankles all the time (which is reason #1 for hating knee-high stockings), and they are not boring. They even keep me from scratching my calves bloody! (Explanatory side note: When I am stressed or during the winter my skin gets itchy and dry. And then I unconsciously scratch myself bloody. I have various strategies for avoiding self mutilation, but they require discipline and only work to a certain degree.) Bottom line is that these stockings are perfect!
Please, dear Sock Fairy, exchange all my socks for knee-high stockings that are this wonderful!

Change of topic.
I wanted to let you know that I am seeing things with a little more hope these days. I am still angry and feel trapped and have these moments where I fantasize about bashing peoples heads in, but on the whole I can see a way forward. I don't know if it is a way out. It definitely feels like I no longer am trapped anymore. I am still a nerve wreck and very stressed out, but I am not paralyzed anymore. Which reminds me... I should pack my unopened mail from the last three weeks and have someone at work open it for me and help me sort out the letters that I have to do something with right now. There are probably a lot of bills which have to be paid today...

23 February 2009


Book Sale Starting Soon

The book sale will start on February 25th. SOON! :-)
It is mostly (only?) books in danish that will be on sale. Since I prefer to read untranslated books as much as I am able to, I have pretty much ignored the book sales up to now.
The thing is that it has been brought to my attention repeatedly that hardly knowing any danish books and authors is a serious error in my upbringing. (I am sure this is not meant reproachfully towards my parents.) In the least, it is a serious neglect on my part of living in Denmark and learning danish.
I want to change that. And I need help of you Danes out there to this. I would like to get my hands on (or borrow from the library) more of the books (from danish authors) that "everybody" knows or has read. I do have a few (very few) which I am NOT going to list here. I don't want to bias you. ;-)
So, which children's, young adult, adult books by danish authors would you recommend? (Please do not ignore children's books in your suggestions. I have noticed that they help me tremendously with learning the nuances of the danish language.)

21 February 2009


First Real Snow This Winter

So, it's nearly March. Time for the first real business, heavy, wet snow this winter.

Usually I like snow. But at the moment I long for sunshine and warmth - and everything and anything that will make me feel less depressed, tired, hopeless and angry.

I had a wonderful Christmas vacation where I relaxed, read, visited friends and in general enjoyed life and myself.

Then I came home and the first week of work claimed most of my regained energy. Hassles with doctors and "normal" annoyances took what was left. I was not all bad and I do have very good days. On the whole, the energy I gain on the good days evaporates at work and goes to fueling my anger. Anger is very energy consuming, but it feels better to use my energy to fuel anger and trying to change things. I know that anger is the wrong medium for change. I have tried reason, believe me, and the only other thing I can muster at the moment is drifting off in despair and hopelessness. Anger feels better.

I do try to concentrate on doing things that make me feel better. Blogging is one of them, and behind the scenes I have been writing a little here and there. As I said: I have good days and things to tell. And so I will. Soon, I hope.

17 February 2009


Valentine! (muahaha)


14 February 2009




13 February 2009




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