20 December 2007


Grow a Boyfriend

Top 10 reasons why you should grow your own boyfriend:

  1. He's polite.
  2. He always shuts up!
  3. Never argues - Always agrees.
  4. Always there when you need him.
  5. He NEVER snores.
  6. FREE movie and dinnder date.
  7. Never looks at your credit card bills.
  8. Doesn't hang out with his friends until 3 am.
  9. He doesn't chew with his mouth open - in fact he doesn't chew at all...
    And the number one reason to grow your own boyfriend is...
  10. He doesn't look at you like you're nuts when you buy another pair of shoes.

Hmm - I am not convinced. Even if he grows six times his size when put in water, I still prefer my boyfriend being taller than 36 cm. Also, he is kind of blue and made of plastic...
Thank you Christmas Elf, but I think I will continue to wait for Mr. Someone Nice. :-)

By the way, has anyone ever met Santa Claus? Grandfather and Nisse Pok claim that he is not real and made of plastic. If that is true, I really would like to know who brought the presents when I was little.

I met Santa once - he was huge, and real tall, and awesome, dressed in a long, red coat and wearing a long, white beard, and - steel-rimmed spectacles!
He came into our living room, accompanied by "Knecht Ruprecht". Boy, THAT guy really impressed me and my brother. He wore a whitish-greyish "Whatsoever", but his feet stuck in large, cruddy boots, and he smelled like he'd just cleared a pigs' pen (at that time we lived for rent on a farm, inhabitating three little rooms in one of those really huge, castle like, northern-german frame-work farmers' houses; the farm people raised cattle, horses, pigs and chicken...). And in his hand, he (i.e. "Knecht Ruprecht") carried a bundle of rods cut from the brushes. As a matter of fact, he even tried them out on my brother's bottom (not too hard, though, 'cause my brother just made a silly face, but didn't cry). Santa asked us kids to sing a Christmas-carol-tpye of song, and he asked our parents, if we had been compliant to their educational endeavor that recent year(he phrased that bit kind of differently, but actually that's what it was about).
We boys then felt quite timid, especially when regarding "Knecht Ruprecht" clapping his brush-bundle against his right leg in concordance with Santa's sermon....

But Santa also asked us boys if our parents didn't spank us too hard (which they did, of course, at least in our opinion); otherwise his "Knecht Ruprecht" was going to pay out to them with his brushes this very evening, Santa declared. Well, we kids were kind of chicken and didn't dare to calumniate our parents. Then Santa and his "ogre" left, not without leaving some treats (a couple of apples, nuts, a pair of mittens (me) and woollen socks (my brother), and some sweets (all the family).
Santa never showed up in our place again personally...probably, because he only could make it very late at night, when we kids were already sound asleep.
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