29 September 2007


Alles für die Katz...

I don't know a good equivalent for this saying in English (Leo translates it with "for the birds" which I have never heard before), but the comic strip explains it quite good - both literally and figuratively.

I can now confirm that it actually happens as described. Christian belched and Sif (the cat) came and licked it up (not all of it, she usually gets more tasty things). ;-)

Christian can almost hold his head alone now. Well, he holds his head alone for short periods of time. It will also not take very long for him to learn to turn around fully. He manages almost. Right now, there is still an arm in the way. The most interesting thing to see, though, was the way he looked at me when I spoke Danish with his father. He stared at me with very big almost unbelieving eyes. I have only spoken German with Christian and haven't been holding him while I spoke Danish with his parents. So this was actually the first time that he heard me talking Danish - and he noticed! I think that says a lot about children's development.


28 September 2007


Very Friendly Visitor Departed :-(

My visitor departed today. It was so nice to have someone to talk to in the mornings, and I am also going to miss the "have a good day" wishes and "good bye" hug. :-/
Well, back to my daily morning routine of reading my online newspaper and comic strip with a warm cup of tea.

The olive soaps (the ones I haven't put to use yet) moved into the closet with my towels - delightfully scented towels. :-)

26 September 2007


I shed...

... big time! Not so much hair but lots of skin. :-/

Yes, I have dandruff, but that doesn't concern me so much. My skin is falling off over my whole body - in flakes. It is worst on my hands and face (and head of course). It itches, and if I scratch it gets worse. I can try to use some body lotion, but I am allergic to most of them, and those which I am not allergic to make me sweat like hell. And sweating makes my skin itch - and then I scratch - and then it gets worse. :-(
So, what can I do? I can stop washing myself and run around naked - both not very acceptable in a western society...
And what do I do? I stop washing myself and run around naked as much as I can. And no, you may not come to visit!

24 September 2007


Spiders and Buttermilk

No, they do not have anything to do with each other...

This morning I found a huge spider in my kitchen sink. It was so big that it had to pull in its legs to fit into a glass. (I usually capture spiders by scooping them up with a glass and a piece of paper.) It was huge! It was hairy! And I cannot remember having seen a spider like that before. I was too much of a sissy and afraid that it would escape again, so I didn't take a picture, but dumped it out of the window instead. Hopefully it will learn and not come back into my appartment again, or at least, hide better, so that I don't find it again.

Buttermilk - In Denmark milk cartons are color coded in shades of blue according to the fat percentage the milk contains. The green milk carton contains buttermilk. Maybe I should have told that my guest. This morning he indicated (a little timidly) that the milk has gone bad, since it flocculated in the coffee which I couldn't understand at all, since it tasted fine in my tea. It turned out that he had taken the buttermilk (the milk in the green carton). Poor guy!

23 September 2007


Very Friendly Visitor

The visitor which is staying over this week for a conference is not only very friendly but also brought many gifts. I can now nourish my addiction for chocolate coated Zwieback again and wash with very well scented olive soaps.
I will pamper myself big time today! :-)


22 September 2007


Charm of Really Good Conscience

Gunvor "Quested for the Clear Horizontal Surface" in the whole appartment, and the counter in K'chen is now - for the first time ever - clean and orderly! That is definitely worth a "Charm of Really Good Conscience". :-)


21 September 2007


Successfully Defended

The human is getting sneaky! This morning she lured me out of my house with yoghurt. (I love yoghurt!) Just as I was munching the delicious yoghurt she came and took off the roof of my house, so that she could get to my supplies. (She steals them all the time.) I ran back into my house and defended them viciously! Of course I defeated the human. :-) Because she couldn't get to my supplies she only cleaned my toilet which was kind of ok. In my opinion it didn't need cleaning, though... But, oh well, let the human clean if it makes her happy. ;-)


19 September 2007


Peaceful Bliss of Duty Done

An exhausting workday. A creeping headache. Fatiguing training. Wet and cold rain. Fish cakes for supper. Comforting warm Pai Mu Tan tea. Annett Louisan and then Lisa Ekdahl in CD-player while adventuring in the Land of Nullermand (a little).

The bed is calling...

Peaceful Bliss of Duty Done :-)


16 September 2007


Walnut buns

I still have lots of walnuts from my moms walnut tree, so I decided to bake som walnut buns for afternoon tea today. They were delicious! :-)

25g butter
25g yeast
200 ml milk
100 ml buttermilk
1 tsp salt
100g chopped walnuts
200g wheat flour
200g whole spelt flour

Melt butter in a pot and add milk. Pour into mixing bowl and add buttermilk and yeast. Stirr until yeast is dissolved. Add other ingredients and knead until the dough doesn't stick to your fingers anymore. It helps to smack the dough onto the counter a few times. The counter should be clean, of course. ;-) Let the dough rise in a warm place for an hour. Then knead again and form buns and let the buns rise on the baking sheet for another 45 min. Bake at 225 C° for 15 - 2o min.



Defeated by the Wresteling Stuffed Animal - again...

Fridolin wrestled me down again. By the time I finally managed to fight myself out of bed I was crazed with hunger and had a pounding not-enough-caffeine headache. :-(
I really have to have a serious talk with Fridolin!


15 September 2007


Email addresses...



Grünrolli put to good use

Gunvor used a Grünrolli to motivate Oberon to claim his XP for the last week. It worked surprisingly well, and they also managed to create the adventure "Byte'ing bits and bugs", which Oberon claimed quadruple XP for. ;-)


14 September 2007


Morning wake-up call

This morning when the human woke me to clean my toilet I decided to start training her again. So, I left my bed and crawled up to my food bowl (which only contained boring food) and looked very accusingly at the bowl and then at the human. She understood right away and filled up the bowl again. (Maybe training her won't be so hard after all...) Just when I had filled up my cheek pouches the human offered me a baby corn cob. I didn't want to risk her taking it away again, so I carried it off in my mouth which was quite complicated with filled cheek pouches. Unfortunately, I couldn't fit it through the door of my house, so I decided to hurry inside to empty my pouches and then get the corn cob, but the human was so nice as to shove the corn cob into the house for me, so I din't have tu hurry so much and could go back to sleep after a morning snack. :-)


11 September 2007



The last two weeks have been so nice and quiet and yesterday all of a sudden the world ended! I'm sure it did! My cage was raided. Everything was moved around, taken away and cleaned. All my little food stashes are gone! There was no place to hide, so I crawled up the wall between the cage and my wheel. It was uncomfortable, but I was safe! When the world calmed down again I hid in the far corner of my cage behind the hay until it became dark. Then I went searching for food. Luckily there was plenty, so I started new food stashes all over the place to be prepared for the next time when the world ends.


09 September 2007


Good Bye to Ada

Ada died tonight.
Strong minded, self-confident with silky fur, soft tongue and tickling whiskers.
She died on my fathers lap and had Yamuna Giris company during the day.
I am glad that I was there the last few days which she seemed to have enjoyed.

08 September 2007


Things I Missed #4

Zwieback coated with dark chocolate.
I already finished off the stash I bought...
Sometimes chocolate coated rice cakes work as a substitute - but only sometimes.

07 September 2007


Cousin Visiting

My cousin Yamuna Giri came to visit on her way to Insbruck. My memories of her are from the time when she still was called Meike and 17 years old. Since I was 6 at the time, my memories are a bit vague. I remember her baking delicious bread, painting beautiful but very dark pictures, riding the scary horse next door, and pulling huge glass shards out of her bare feet. So this visit was quite an event for me.

She still has her touch for animals - both rabbits like her. While Penelope very cautiously approached Yamuna and her kettle, Ada wasn't at all scared, tugged at her hair and tried to dip her nose both in the tea cup and the yoghurt bowl.

We have the same taste for good childrens books and black tea with milk. She also still draws beautiful pictures. :-)

06 September 2007


Things I Missed #3

Laugengebäck :-)
The only translation I found is lye rolls. Pretzels are most commonly known, but I like croissants and rolls best.

05 September 2007


Saarbrücken Views #2

More blue deer...

outside and inside

Ludwigskirche and Saarkran

04 September 2007


Things I Missed #2

Seba Med - soap free soap replacement.
My skin likes it better than anything else.

03 September 2007


Rabbit Shadow

This morning I had a rabbit shadowing me. When I got up Penelope came running to greet me so fast that she couldn't stop in time and slid against my feet. She followed me everywhere! I was "her" human and she wouldn't leave me out of her sight. Also she nipped me everytime she thought that she didn't get the attention she deserved, which was quite a lot. :-/

02 September 2007


Please Do Not Feed!

When I came back to Saarbrücken I found this sign at one of the many fences which keep passengers off the never ending construction site (It says: "Please do not feed"). I wonder whether the sign was put up in order to keep the contruction workers from falling asleep with full bellies? After all they have been working on and at the Saarbrücken main station since before Christmas...

01 September 2007


Weekend in Merzig

I spent the weekend in Merzig. It was very noticable that Merzig is a smal town. I have never encountered so many people stopping at crosswalks or greeting strangers - especially not goth-teenagers...

They also have animals in Merzig:

Roaming baby elefants...

... and of course blue deer!

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