21 July 2009


A Walk which led down Memory Lane

After two long years Anders and I finally managed to meet today and go for a walk and talk. We walked through Riis Skov woods - a small patch of woods at the end of my street- just like we did two years ago and talked about what happened in our lives. I think I did a lot of the talking and it was mostly about myself, too.

Speaking with him made me realize that I have changed quite a bit. In a way I am in the same situation as I was two years ago (on sick leave with depression because of too much stress at work), but it is also very different. I am more hopeful and less resigned about this particular job. But I am more resigned about my work and health situation in general than I was two years ago. I enjoyed the walk a lot. Anders set a lot in motion in my head, so now I have a lot to think about.

He also made me realize that I went through this years spring without noticing it at all. Well, I did notice spring in Saarbrücken, but spring here at home kind of snuck past me. When we met two years ago the woods were covered in ramsons. I also remember last years ramsons season, but this years season is very just a very vague memory which is quite weired considering that the whole ground is covered in ramsons and you usually can smell it three streets away, too.

Searching through my pictures I found some from last year which I have now blogged. I also finished an old post about my "new" hobby and finally published it.

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