31 January 2008


Somebody Likes Me!


30 January 2008


Birthday Presents

Today I received a huge package with birthday presents from my Dad. He said that he would send some small things, so I wasn't at all prepared for the size of the package.

When I opened it, this pretty card slid out along with a bunch of styrofoam packaging peanuts.

Along with many good and important birthday wishes and an explanation about how women don't get any older onced they passed 30, the card said that the package contained 7 things, one of which was a substitute for something he couldn't get.
I imagine that each animal is the bringer of one gift, but I couldn't figure out the connections between them - if there is any at all.

The first two presents I had a fairly good guess about, since we already talked about them at Christmas - two books: Gilgamesch and Die Heimkehr des Odysseus. The third one was also a book: Ein Elefant im Mückenland. (hmmm :-) - More books. I love books.)

The fourth present I recognised imediately. This silver plated plate and candle holder is a family heirloom. I am both proud to get this and chocked, since I feel that I have no adequate place for them in my (at times messy) apartment.
(I found out later that this is the joker (substitute present) which I don't think it is at all.)

This alabaster pencil holder is actually a toothbrush cup for people who have everything. ;-)
I don't own a toothbrush cup, and I don't think that I will be using this toothbrush cup as a toothbrush cup. I don't have any room for it in my super tiny bathroom, and I don't need a toothbrush cup. So, in my houshold it will be a pencil holder. :-)

The glass jar contains nougat with 34% haselnuts. I haven't tried it yet, but boy, am I excited! :-)
I don't know if I can be so disciplined as my grandma was. My Dad told me, when he was a child, they used to have some nougat too, which they only occasionaly were allowed to have. I also remember my grandma having (and guarding in a fun way) treats. ;-)

The jar on the right contains walnut oil. This has probably something to do with the fact that I tend to eat lots of whole-grain bread dipped in walnut oil when I am at my Dad's house. ;-)



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28 January 2008


Cheese-onion Tartlets

250 g red onions
250 g ricotta or curd cheese (Quark, kvark)
1 egg
1 tbsp semolina (Grieß, mannagryn)
1 dl ground Parmesan
1 tbsp fine cut chives (Schnittlauch, purløg)
1/2 dl roasted pignolia (Pinienkerne)

Peel and slice onions. (I suggest to cut them into smaller pieces. It makes them easier to handle.) Stew onions with a little oil and set aside to cool. Mix rest of ingredients and add onions when cool. Fill mixture into muffin forms and bake for 30 min. at 200 °C.

They go very good with green salad.


27 January 2008


Why I don't like weekends

Weekends are horrible. They mess with the human. She never gets up before the sun has gone up, eventhough I can hear her beeing awake at the same time like on weekdays. Weekends mean that I have to get up again when the human finally is awake and up. And then she doesn't even look to see if I am awake. If I want to play or have some treats, I have to make noise to get her attention. That is soooo annoying! I wish there were no weekends.


26 January 2008


It's A Brain Thing: Major Depression

The idea with this blog was to post nice and funny things that happen in my life. To let my friends and family know what I am doing and let them have part in the things I forget to tell about. Well, today's post is important to me but not nice or funny.
The last two days I have been spending a lot of time on YouTube and came across some videos about depression which I want to share with you. Maybe you know all these things and maybe you don't. It would have helped me if I had known all this one and a half years ago. Please, take the time to watch the videos.

The Facts About Depression

The following is a lecture (in three parts) by psychiatrist David Henley, M.D. He put many of his lectures on YouTube, and you can find them at http://www.youtube.com/itsabrainthing

25 January 2008


More Christmas Presents

Today I received another Christmas present. It was sent from Paris (France) to my Dad's house in Saarbrücken (Germany) where I was spending the holidays, but it first arrived there after I left for Denmark again. I can deduce from the postal stamps that it took the package a minimum of 10 days to make it from Paris to Saarbücken and another 10 days from Saarbrücken to Århus (Denmark). I must say that this is a very sad record: 20 days for approx. 1250 km in a modern society. The European postal services have a lot of work left to be done...

24 January 2008


Idling in front of the Computer

The last few days I used most of my time on either sleeping or idling in front of the computer. It is amazing how much time you can use doing "nothing". Well, actually, "nothing" amounted to quite a bit:

All in all quite a lot. And fun. I don't regret anything. Especially not getting more books! ;-)

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18 January 2008


Morning Procrastination

This morning I caught myself procrastinating on a grand scale. Obviously I subconsciously didn't want to go to work... By the time I was supposed to leave the house, I hadn't even been in the shower. I used the whole morning to read comics on the net, play online games, read blogs, surf, and touch up my profiles on various sites. :-/
Now I am home again and have to admit that it wasn't so bad. It was tiring but went OK. So why did I use my whole morning on dilly-dallying? I have no idea, but here is what I found:

I found that Maharet continues her blog at a new site and that she knits. I admire people who have enough patience to knit.

I also found "Joe's Goals" which I will try out for a while. I think it can help me with thinking and acting positive. ;-)

And, of course, I played the game that Delirium invited me to. I will not post it here because I don't want to make it easier for myself to continue procrastinating. Right now I type the URL each time I want to play, and I will try to keep it that way.


14 January 2008


Not So Bad After All

I have decided that it is not so bad to be back with the strange human after all. It was nicer at the elf's house where I got all the attention and cheddar I wanted, but the human is alright too. I think I will try to train her a little (I really like cheddar!). That will be hard, of course, but I'll try. ;-)


13 January 2008



300 g flour
190 ml water
3 tblsp olive oil
300 g onions
300 g bacon
300 g creme fraiche
a little milk

Mix flour, olive oil, water and salt and beat until you get a dough that stays together and doesn't stick to everything. (This can take quite some time, and you should refrain from adding more flour.) Smooth dough out on baking sheet about 3-4 mm thick.
Stirr a little milkand salt into the creme fraiche and spread the mixture onto the dough. Slice onions into half or quarter rings and distribute them and the bacon evenly onto the dough.
Bake at at least 250 °C for 15 min.



Good Day :-)

Today is my birthday, and I had arranged to visit friends and not to be home. I find it very frustrating to be at home and wait for people to call and be disappointed if they don't call. So I try not to be home on my birthdays. Congratulations tend to get to me anyhow.
I received the first birthday wishes via email - sent to me at two minutes to one in the morning. The second one to congratulate me was my father, who told me that I reached the age where women don't get older anymore two years ago. That really made me feel old! ;-)

I was feeling pretty shitty after two days of constant migraines and a restless night, but after hugs, more birthday wishes and a smile from Christian the world looked a lot brighter.

Christian (and his parents) gave me a beautiful calendar with pictures (of Christian). Unfortunately, I forgot it at their place. :-/
Christian helped me unpack the calendar. He liked the green ribbon best.

I helped to chisel plaster off a wall (which is surprisingly satisfactory) and enjoyed disassembling and reassembling the ceran stove. We poked and rattled everything that could be poked at or rattled but couldn't find what was wrong. Mysteriously, the stove worked flawlessly after we had reassembled it. Maybe it just needed poking and rattling.

I had planned Flammkuchen for dinner. While waiting for them to get done, Christian and I read the book I took along for him...

...until my watch became more interesting and got all the attention.

When I got home, I found more emails and calls on my answering machine waiting for me - some from friends I haven't seen or talked to in years.

It was a long but very nice day. :-)


01 January 2008




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