12 April 2009


Garden Tour

Pinella gave me a tour of her garden. I was standing outside and staring into nothingness when she came, meowed and nudged me into following her.
We went into the garden where she showed me the lawn with the trampoline which is - in her eyes - the perfect spot to settle down on someones lap and get stroked. She led on to the little greenhouse with the compost beside it and a climbing tree with an old tree house right across the path. Then on we went to an old platic junglegym with slide which now is Pinellas sun bathing spot. Behind a rather large garden shed is another strech of lawn with a set of swings which according to Pinella are off limits. She dashed across this stretch and joined me again behind the swings in the shrubs. I counted four different kinds of blossoms in this tangle. I am sure there is hazel and apple, but I have no idea what the rest is. In eather case it is home to a ton of different kind buzzing folk which Pinella and I watched for a little while.
I returned when my bare feet began to freeze in the damp grass. Pinella was not quite ready to leave, but she joined me a short while later napping in the sun on the trampoline.

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