24 August 2008


No Joke

In March I posted this picture thinking that it was a joke. In my naivety I was convinced that printers only eat paper.

Well, I have learned that I was wrong. Printers do eat cats. Poor cats! ;-(



Backtracking #1

I have been backtracking and publishing some of the older things I wrote about but never got finished. So, here come posts from June 25th, July 24th, and July 25th.

22 August 2008


Cozy :-)

An afternoon cafe trip with colleagues (Gitte, Gøeg and Anders) sitting safe and dry (though not especially warm) under Ministeriets awning in the middle of a heavy downpour. I am having warm tea and am furthermore (involuntarily) screened from the wind by Anders. I am very much enjoying this (obviously).


Cheering up #2

I have had a bad week. I was stressed and irritable. I haven't slept enough either because I came home late or because I woke from nightmares all the time.

I am not fun to be around when I am like this.
I don't even want to be around myself.

Sometimes it helps to listen to funny childrens songs. This time it didn't really help, but here are a few of my favorites. ;-)

18 August 2008


Photo Safari

Yesterday Gitte,



and I went on photo safari near where Gitte and Morten live.

We had a lot of fun fooling around (here, Gøegs shadow is reaching for a nectarine),

and wonderful weather, which inspired us to take many pictures

on the way

to Braband Lake.

We came across lots of flowers,

some sheep,


and trees with berries.

Gitte took a beautiful picture of this tractor (much better than mine).

We found tractor tracks

in the grass,

and patches with clover,

beautiful green plants,

and many different kinds of insects.

My only insect pictures worth showing are these two.

We stopped at the lake and watched the ducks - many many of them. :-)

It was a wonderful day, and I learned some more things about my camera. But I really do have to read the manual soon. I still don't know how to set the focus by hand, which makes it almost impossible to take pictures like this one, where I tried to get the spiders web.

14 August 2008



This morning I finally managed to do the remaining dishes. (I am really lazy in that respect - and a few more...) Obviously it's been some time since I've last done them, and so I wasn't surprised at all to find that a little spider had made the cutlery rack its home. It moved out on its own when I started to put spoons in there, though. ;-)

13 August 2008



The human is behaving strangely. Lately I have either not seen her at all for days or I see her a lot. Yesterday, for example, she came home at a time that she usually is long asleep. I was very surprised to suddenly see her walk in. I thought she was asleep. And then she got up only a few hours later again - a lot earlier than she usually does. Not that that is a bad thing. I get to see her a lot more and that means I get a lot more attention and wonderful things to eat. But it is strange...

This is the delicious fruit and vegetable mix I got.

Yes, I can fit more!


11 August 2008


First Red Chili

See! The first chili has turned red! I can grow chili on my kitchen windowsill in Denmark! :-)

10 August 2008


Help Desk

I got a very nice and long email response (three actually) to things I wrote about here with a link to this little video clip. :-)

After watching this I spent several hours watching more along that line. I especially like the following one.

And you should also watch this one (eventhough the singing is horrible).

07 August 2008


Heh :-)

Yesterday Gøeg, Gitte, her husband Morten and I went to the movies (we saw Hancock) and out to eat afterwards. It was a very nice afternoon and evening. Gøeg took this picture of Gitte and me. I don't think that the picture is flattering, but I think it catches Gitte and me very realistically - her smoking and me spaced out. ;-)

06 August 2008


Cheering Up #1

I've been wanting to blog about this amazing girl for a long time: Julia Nunes is a very musical YouTuber whose videos always manage to cheer me up. It is not so much the songs she picks - it is the enthusiasm she puts into her songs and videos that I like so much. I can sit in front of the computer for hours and watch and listen to her singing. Here is one of my most favorite of her videos. :-)

(I have been thinking about taking up singing again - like not only in the shower - but I think I will stick with all the other projects I started for now.)

03 August 2008


Books, Books, and Books

Today I finally managed to complete my BookMooch inventory update. I went back and added condition notes to all books and a little review to most of the book that didn't have one. I also synchronised my BookMooch inventory with my LibrayThing books tagged bookmooch me.
So now I have a few more things in order. :-)

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