20 March 2008


Mailbox for Troubled Souls

The following is an excerpt of my BloodBowl forum which I want to share:

Master of the Muff???

No answer from you my friend? What shall happen with us - I find our relationship is getting a little complicated - I just want to smash you and play a little...

give a ring...

The frustrated


Dear "the frustrated"

a relationship getting complicated originates in one of three things:
  1. you have a relationship to a girl: the only solution is to get out of the relationship as fast as possible. It will always be complicated with girls.

    For a relationship with any other creature there are two solutions:
  2. There are too few demands and too little violence in the relationship. Demand more and enforce your demands with violence.
  3. One or more partners are playing BloodBowl. You cannot do anything. You must accept that you are a nerd who never will get a relationship to anyone other than your little figurines (in some cases pink pigs) and that such a relationship is always complicated... Spiked balls can make the relations ship fun, though.

I hope this helps you.

Best wishes

mailbox for sexual undernourished nerds.


18 November 2007


Why you cannot play BloodBowl in New Zealand

In one of the BloodBowl fora I hang out at the following question came up:

"Why can't you play BloodBowl in New Zealand?"

Well, obviously because of the high humidity and the always looming risk of being attacked by turkeys with rabies. They can scent a BloodBowl game 10km away, and BloodBowl players are a rare delicacy for them, only topped by law students and future politicians.

Now you know!


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