28 March 2008


Experimental Physicists


27 March 2008


What came first - chicken or egg?

An interesting question, no doubt.
Marius, 7 years old, in kinder garden (børnehaveklasse, Vorschule) answered the following:

"That depends on the relative amount of molecules in the universe."

I am not making this up! He really said that. I heard it myself. His mothers comment to this was (after she found her voice again): "He didn't get this from Fru Heibergs memoirs." Marianne was reading them to him to get him to fall asleep. It worked for exactly two days, where after Marius began to read along and meditate on what he heard.


24 March 2008




20 March 2008


Mailbox for Troubled Souls

The following is an excerpt of my BloodBowl forum which I want to share:

Master of the Muff???

No answer from you my friend? What shall happen with us - I find our relationship is getting a little complicated - I just want to smash you and play a little...

give a ring...

The frustrated


Dear "the frustrated"

a relationship getting complicated originates in one of three things:
  1. you have a relationship to a girl: the only solution is to get out of the relationship as fast as possible. It will always be complicated with girls.

    For a relationship with any other creature there are two solutions:
  2. There are too few demands and too little violence in the relationship. Demand more and enforce your demands with violence.
  3. One or more partners are playing BloodBowl. You cannot do anything. You must accept that you are a nerd who never will get a relationship to anyone other than your little figurines (in some cases pink pigs) and that such a relationship is always complicated... Spiked balls can make the relations ship fun, though.

I hope this helps you.

Best wishes

mailbox for sexual undernourished nerds.


15 March 2008


Ugens Ord

Ugens ord er underfundig, som er den måde Christian Marius kigger på, når han ser et kamera.

I am baby sitting Christian Marius while his parents work in the garden, specifically are digging up tree stumps. Interesting things at the moment are records, cameras (I have never seen a child crawl so fast towards one), things that make music, standing up and sitting down and tapping the table.



Sane and Rational


13 March 2008


Going on Autopilot

I am tired. No, more like totally exhausted.
I had two very good days in a row, but they took a lot of energy. Two days ago I spent a wonderful afternoon with Christian Marius and his parents (soon he will be walking), and yesterday I helped Sus safe-guard her computer and was treated to a very tasty dinner cooked by her husband.
So, today I am drained (but happy), and Gunvor took over setting my brain on autopilot. Being on autopilot is like sleepwalking. ;-) I do things that need to be done (housework, cooking, etc.), but I do these things without really paying attention. Unfortunately, that can be quite hazardous. This morning, for example, I accidentally grated the top most layer of my finger into my salad before I noticed what I was doing. :-/ I hadn't planned on getting the protein into my diet in this way... Well, shit happens, the weekend is near, and I now know (and feel) that it is important to pay a little more attention to what I am doing.

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10 March 2008


Good Question

Conversation between Marianne and myself:

Marianne: "On the way to school Marius asked me to ask you, who it was that sent the fossils into space around Saturn?"
Me: "Those are not fossils around Saturn."
Marianne: "Heh heh! I asked him if he was sure that it was fossils he meant upon which I got the superior answer: Is it you or me who has an understanding of these things, mom?"

Children are great! ;-)


09 March 2008




08 March 2008


Where Does Gravity Come From?

Marianne called and relayed the following conversation between her and her son:

Marius: "Where does gravity come from?"
Marianne: "Uhm, I don't know. I will ask "me". She is a physicist, and they know these things."
Marius: "Physicists, are those the people who educate themselves to make Lego?"

Of course! We know everything and make Lego! How could anyone question that???

(But between us: How on earth do I explain what gravity is in terms a seven-year-old can understand and without lying or giving an unsatisfying answer?)


02 March 2008


Houses, Castles, Ruins

Today we had some sunshine - the first since we got here. We grabbed the chance and went for a short walk (short because it was cold and very windy) around "castle". Actually it is a castle ruin and it looks like it is being restored.

This is the front. There is not much left, but it is land marked, so it cannot just be demolished. I think it is charming, but then again, I think most ruins are charming. ;-)

This is the back. In my opinion it is prettier from this side.

This is the view through the "back door" to the front door. If the front door was open, you would be able to see along the "street" leading from the door right into "the village" center. (I don't know if Schwiessel qualifies as a village. It is pretty small.)

This is the view from the step of the back door frame into the basement. You can see the restoration in process (and how much there needs to be done...).

The interesting thing is that even though most ceilings/floors are missing there are still some windows in relatively good shape. This one is not only pretty and in good shape, but it is also supporting a birds nest. :-)

A nice view through a window and a missing floor.

The same room but opposite window.

This is my moms house. The first picture was taken in front of the castle. The second picture was taken from the far side corner of the back yard (which is huge and currently used as pasture for horses to avoid constant lawn mowing).

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