31 December 2007


New Home


Nonsense - this is my new home!

30 December 2007


Work of Art

This lovely piece of art is one of my earlier works. It has hung in my father's last two kitchen. I was sure that it would not move to the current kitchen since it is at least 20 years old and has lost its charm (in my eyes at least). But I was wrong. It was put up again, very visible and in dead center of a piece of white wall. My father has many pictures he could have put up, but he chose this one.

- Parents are strange!

25 December 2007


Quiet Day

Paying tribute to the long eared highwayman...

24 December 2007


A Very Unconventional Christmas

I started the day with reading about how Pok was invited to Dinner and unwrapping the last two packages (the brilliant insect on the left and one pearl looking earring) from my Calendar. (There were 25 presents instead of 24.)

Then I decorated the living room and our Christmas tree and my father and I arranged the Christmas plate.

We had planned apple pancakes for dinner, but in the end we didn't get around to making them. Somehow time flew by...

We opened presents over a big pot of tea in the late afternoon.

One very special gift I got for Christmas is this Frog King shaped watering can. I am not quite sure if there is a hidden agenda here. Am I supposed to kiss it? Will it turn into a prince? Is this the emergency plan in case the "Grow a Boyfriend" experiment fails? As I learned from a very reliabe source you should make sure before you kiss any frog that the resulting prince is the prince you want - which I cannot say for this frog. So, no kissing!

The evening ended with my father reading The Color of Water out loud to me. :-)

23 December 2007


Tape Measure Scotch Tape

This morning I really had to wrestle the calendar gift from Fridolin and the toy rabbit. They made guarding presents their mission and have a hard time understanding the difference between calendar gifts and Christmas presents... Well, I am still stronger and wrestled two rolls of tape measure scoth tape from them.

Little "me" went into town to wish people a Merry Christmas and to buy a very secret present for grandfather. Later the two went for a walk through the snow covered woods and grandfather tells little "me" the Christmas Story. I remember that my father used to take my sister and I on long walks on Christmas evening. These walks tended to last until both my sister and I were so tired that we refused to go on. We should have had an elf like Pok back then. He suggested quite grumpily at one point to get back home and eat the nice food. ;-)

22 December 2007



Homey and cozy - Penelope munching cardboard and testing all her favorite resting places.

Me reading Tiggers Little Book of Bounce which is todays calendar gift.

Little "me" managed to watch Nisse Pok for a short while sailing and singing in the ship he and grandfather carved.

21 December 2007


New Words

Grandfather carved a ship for little "me" today and told tall tales from the time when he was a sailor. I especially liked how the captains beard was blown over board and devoured by a whale. :-)
I also learned a lot of new words:
splitte klyverbommen = to split the jib boom = den Klüverbaum spalten
søulk = old salt = Seebär
klukke = gurgle = glucksen

The "F-bear" on the left was a little gift from the Christmas get together at my fathers work place and my Christmas calendar contained the book: Eventyret om verdens stærkeste ord which strongly reminds me of the fairy tale of the fisherman and his wife that my father used to tell us kids.

20 December 2007


Grow a Boyfriend

Top 10 reasons why you should grow your own boyfriend:

  1. He's polite.
  2. He always shuts up!
  3. Never argues - Always agrees.
  4. Always there when you need him.
  5. He NEVER snores.
  6. FREE movie and dinnder date.
  7. Never looks at your credit card bills.
  8. Doesn't hang out with his friends until 3 am.
  9. He doesn't chew with his mouth open - in fact he doesn't chew at all...
    And the number one reason to grow your own boyfriend is...
  10. He doesn't look at you like you're nuts when you buy another pair of shoes.

Hmm - I am not convinced. Even if he grows six times his size when put in water, I still prefer my boyfriend being taller than 36 cm. Also, he is kind of blue and made of plastic...
Thank you Christmas Elf, but I think I will continue to wait for Mr. Someone Nice. :-)

By the way, has anyone ever met Santa Claus? Grandfather and Nisse Pok claim that he is not real and made of plastic. If that is true, I really would like to know who brought the presents when I was little.

19 December 2007


Of Mice and Elves

Elves take care of animals. We learned that. But I didn't know that elves also try to educate animals. Pok tried to tell one of the new house mice that traps are dangerous. The mouse wan't at all interested in Poks lecture but only in the traps bait. And when the poor mouse was trapped Pok lectured on and pressed a promise from the mouse to avoid traps in the future. He is quite a crook that elf.

Today I opened the largest package I could find. I am leaving for Germany tonight and don't want to drag too much along, so I packed the remaining small packages and opened the last large one. It contained another glass jar, smaller than the other two. I think, I will put my many coins into this one. :-)

18 December 2007


Music Therapy

I was told that listening to heavy music 10 min. a day helps to prevent depression. So, watch this 3 times a day:

Two things I like at once: Lego and Rammstein. :-)


Saved By an Elf

I should have known that something was wrong when the human left my cage on the floor after she cleaned it. The next day there was a terrible earth quake in the middle of the day. I was all alone and very scared. It ripped me out of my sweetest dreams. I was overwhelmed by stranges smells and terrible noises. It was awful! Then all of a sudden everything was quiet again. It still smelled different, but the noise and shaking had stopped. I was hiding in the corner of my house trying to calm my stomach when the roof was lifted. I was afraid that more terrible things were going to happen, but everything was ok. It was an elf, and as everybody knows: elves are good to animals and take care of them. This elf is huge - like a human - but it is wearing an elf-hat and wearing elf-clothes - obviously an elf! It gave me some squash and I committed its scent to memory, so that I will be able to thank it later when I am properly awake.



Elves Don't Bite

I learned today that, unlike me, elves don't bite. Sophus complained about Mikkel to Elf Pok. Mikkel had been calling him names and bit him. Sophus hadn't managed to get back at him and asked Pok to bite Mikkel for him. But Pok refused. I can't believe that elves never bite. I feel they are a little like cheetahs: they look placid and cuddly and all of a sudden they jump up and bite you in the behind - or not as Pok insists...

17 December 2007


The Leaning Tower of Bulette

Actually this tower is not leaning at all. It is quite tricky to assemble.

Today grandfather and little "me" went into the woods to get a Christmas tree. Sophus tagged along, although he really despised the snow. He tried to stay out of the snow as much as possible until he saw Mikkel the fox. All of a sudden he seemed to have forgotten the snow and raced after Mikkel. But he couldn't catch the fox. Sophus finally limped quietly home...


Remember to smile at least once a Day

If you cannot think of a reason then here is one:

16 December 2007


Christmas Cookies

Today grandfather and little "me" wanted to bake Christmas cookies. Grandfather does'nt have a recipe, but his cookies turn out ok anyway. This year the cookie dough contained: flour, butter, sugar, molasses, soda pop, potato starch, sauce thickener, pepper, and yeast. They went for a walk to give the dough time to rise, but when they came home the dough was gone - and Sophus and Pok had a terrible stomach ache... ;-)

I got these napkins today, which would have gone nicely with cookies.

15 December 2007


How you Don't Catch an Elf

I also learned today how you don't catch an elf. Little "me" built an elf-trap. He took grandfathers old top-hat and propped it up with a little stick to which he had attached a piece of string. Then he hid behind the oven and waited. The idea was to pull the stick away when Pok had crawled under the hat. Unfortunately, little "me" fell asleep, so he never found out how the mouse trap came to be hidden underneath the hat. But he learned that it really hurts to get your fingers jammed in one of them. ;-)


Turbulent Day

Today was a turbulent day. It started with me waking before everybody else. We (my mom, Brigitte and I) are staying at my uncle's in Hamburg for the weekend. I occupied myself with this lion jigsaw puzzle which was my calendar gift for today until my mom and uncle woke up.

We set the breakfast table

and just as we were done the birthday-lady woke up. :-)

Today is Brigittes birthday.

We spent the day mostly shopping (as I spend most of my weekends in Hamburg). The one shoe store we all wanted to shop at was unfortunately closed.

Brigitte invited us to dinner at an italian restaurant. Boring as we are, we all ordered the same thing: grilled gilthead.

We didn't let it scare us with its impressive teeth and finished every bit. It was delicious!

After dinner we went for a walk through Hamburg and saw (among other things) the Old Elbe Tunnel which is under recontruction at the moment and closed for cars. When open for cars they use these elevators. But since there were no cars, we could fool around in both tunnels, and were totally ignored by occasional pedestrians.

Outside of the Old Elbe Tunnel we met this young man (I think his name is Enrico) and his friends. They were having a stag night for Enrico.
One of the challenges for him was to sell (or give away) all the sweets and little bottles of alcohol he had in his trash can (oh yes, it is not a trash can but a cleaning bucket - I was corrected several times by Denny who also asked me to send him these pictures.) I don't think there was much left in the bucket when we finaly moved on... ;-)

14 December 2007


Play Time and Toe Socks

Elf Pok threw a slumber party. Tonight he invited his friends the mice and rats over into the house to play. Since Pok doesn't have any toys of his own they played with little "me's" toys. In the morning grandfather noticed that that the little red racing car had had an accident - it was all smashed up. Obviously Pok, the mice and the rats had a lot of fun.

I think that I too will have a lot of fun with these socks. I will practice to wiggle each toe separately. :-)

13 December 2007


On Elves, Pranks, and Children

We already know that Scandinavian elves want to be treated well, or else they will be angry and play tricks on you. Today grandfather philosophied over why it is that elves will play a trick on you at Christmas regardless of how good you treat them. Thinking back to his own childhood he comes to the conclusion that elves probably also want to have a little fun once in a while, and he tells about the pranks he played when he was a child. The story with the exploding tobac seemed to have given little "me" some ideas of his own. ;-) Yes, you have to be careful with what you tell children. They will believe the weirdest things. I for example was convinced for the longest time that my father can see through walls which of course he cannot! -- Or can he?

Telling children wild stories and letting them explore the world on their own can be a lot of fun - especially if they are not your own. I went to see Christian Marius and his parents today and got the opportunity to show him that "grown up" food also tastes good. After dinner Christian, I and the table and floor around us were covered in potato. But we hat fun and were happy and full. Later, as Peter and I were bathing Christian, his grandmother remarked (quite aghast) that she would never have allowed Christian to make such a mess. I am very much aware that I introduced "eating food off other peoples plates" to Christian. And I must admit that I did so intentionally. I hope that Peter and Camilla will forgive me and that I may visit again.

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Mr. and Mrs. Clothespin

Today Mr. and Mrs. Clothespin moved in. They also brought their friends Mr. and Mrs. Clothespeg. I will try to help them settle in. :-)

12 December 2007


Pfeffernüsse (German Spice Nuts)

These cookies turn out way better if you start to prepare the dough about 3-6 months before you want to bake them. I am not kidding!

500 g honey
500 g flour
2 egg yokes
10 g potash (potaske, Pottasche)
10 g salt of hartshorn (hjortetaksalt, Hirschhornsalz)
1 tsp cardamom
1 tsp allspice (allehånde, Piment)
1 tsp nutmeg (muskat)
1 tsp clover
1 tsp pepper
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp ginger
powdered sugar
rum or water

Mix flour and honey and let the dough sit in a dry and cool place for as long as you can wait. (It will taste best if you wait for a few months.)
Add all other ingredients (and maybe a little water) and let the dough sit in the fridge over night.
Form dough into small balls and bake at about 175°C for 6 - 10 min. Let cookies cool and cover them with frosting made of powdered sugar and rum (water if you prefer that).



Tea and Stories

This can contains very fine and delicious tea.

It is the kind og tea I like to drink while reading or listening to a story. It was the perfect day for todays gift, as it fit very well with Nisse Pok telling the barn animals the prank he played on some sisters who put lard instead of butter on his rice pudding. Let me tell you, you absolutely do not want to upset an elf in that way! ;-)

I also learned new words:
fjasede høns = fjantede tøser = foolish/silly girls (høns = chickens)
tjære = tar

11 December 2007


Strangely Behaving Human

I feel neglected. The human is there, but she rarely notices me. That is weired! I have made sure to get up in the mornings when I hear the human stumbling around. I even started to run in my wheel and rattle with things to get her attention. It does work. Kind of. She feeds me every morning and cleans my toilet, but she doesn't even try to play. True, I haven't been extremely fond of playing, but I kind of miss the attention. This morning I sat right in the cage door the whole time while she filled up my food bowl and cleaned my toilet. I managed to get a hold of one of her huge fingers and pulled at it a little. It didn't move. :-( But that seemed to have helped to get er attention. She stroked me. Way too little, but it was better than being ignored. I also got a nut, which helped to calm me a bit. I hope she remembers me again now that I got her attention.



More brrrr!

Today I unpacked this cup which matches the plate I got earlier.

Out in the country grandfather and little "me" went to visit grandfathers friends. The tradition is to start out at one place, drink a glass of brandy (grandfather) and eat brunekager (little "me"), sing Christmas songs, pick up the friend and move on to the next friend where you repeat the above steps until everybody is picked up and the group ends up at grandfathers place. There the festivities continue until late at night. Obviously, they know how to party. ;-)

(Brunekager are typical danish Christmas cookies. I am not really crazy with them because they taste too much of caramel for me. Most Danes consider me being weired because I don't like caramel or licorice...)

10 December 2007


Green Prickly Thingamajig

I have no idea what this is. It is made of plastic, hard, and about six centimeters in diameter.

Does anyone have an idea?

Out in the country the snow has gotten to little "me". He is plotting. He wants to capture Nisse Pok and see what he looks like and ask for the presents he is supposedly supposed to get. Obviously he doesn't know that you never ever should even attempt to capture or spy on any elf like creature. The tailor's wife in Cologne has learned her lesson. Lets hope that little "me" is not getting into trouble.

09 December 2007


Things I find in my Closet...

People who come to visit me are often stunned by the large number of books I own. I like books. Books are my friends. Most of my shelves are stuffed with books. Especially because I also consider throwing books away a capital crime. Unfortunately, I also started to accumulate quite a number of DVDs over the last year. So, no surprise, I ran out of shelf space. I have been thinking about all kinds of possible ways to sort out my problem (move to a bigger apartment, throw away things which are not books, put some books into storage, etc.). The solution I settled on was to buy some more boards to the shelves I already have, and make them fit (which involves different kinds of saws).
I don't know what made me look into my closet, but there, in the back most corner was one (already finished) board hiding, trying to look innocent. It is not in hiding any longer. It is not going to last, but right now all my books and DVDs fit neatly onto the shelves without being double stacked. I will savor the moment as long as it lasts. :-)

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Danske Pebernødder (Danish Spice Nuts)

Typical Danish Christmas cookies - they are delicious, but take lots of time to make. The dough has to sit in the fridge over night. Also, this recipe gives a lot of spice nuts. I never make less, though, because I find that there are never enough. ;-)

250 g molasses
375 g brown sugar
100 g butter
1½ eggs
1 tsp salt of hartshorn (hjortetaksalt, Hirschhornsalz)
1 tsp potash (potaske, Pottasche)
1 dl milk
2 tbsp finely ground cloves
2 tbsp cinnamon
4 tsp allspice (allehånde, Piment)
5 tsp ginger
2 tbsp cardamom
1 tsp pepper
1 kg flour

Melt molasses, sugar and butter and let cool down. Stir in eggs. (Note: You really, really want to make sure that you have let it cool down enough. Fried egg on top of the sugar/molasses mixture is not what you want!) Add everything else and knead the dough together. Put into fridge over night. Roll dough into fingertip big (small) balls and bake about 10 min at 200°C (gives six baking sheets of spice nuts).



How Did Grandfathers Reading Glasses Get Into The Snowbank?

Nisse Pok needed them. He needed them for the owl. The owl is very old and has bad eyesight, so it mistook Pok for a mouse. (Pok was not amused!) And that wasn't even the first time something like that happened. One night the owl went after a rat, but when it lunged out the rat began to bark... So Nisse Pok gave the old owl grandfathers reading glasses. Unfortunately, the owl lost the glasses all the time because owls don't have ears, and that is how grandfathers reading glasses ended up in the snowbank.

My rattling calendar gift turned out to be a set of star shaped cookie cutters. Bummer! I made the wrong kind of cookie dough yesterday - no need for cookie cutters. :-(

08 December 2007


Poor Sophus

Sophus (grandfathers dog) doesn't like snow. So now, with all the snow outside, he tries to hide - mostly under the bed covers. Today he wasn't good enough at hiding, though. Little "me" found him and rolled him down the hill behind the house. Poor Sophus! :-(

Today I unpacked another large glass jar. :-) I guess, I will put cookies in that one, since I prepared a lot of cookie dough. The last jar I filled with self made breakfast cereal.

07 December 2007


Food Stuff

Today the heavy but not so big package contained Christmas mustard. I am looking forward to trying it. I like to eat mustard on liver paté which many Danes find quite weired. Most Danes put roasted onions on liver paté.

It snowed on grandfathers farm and Nisse Pok set up a bird feeder for the wild birds. :-)

06 December 2007



I can so totally relate - even though there is no snow (only rain) and the temperatures are between 5°C and 10°C. I also freeze all the time...

Grandfather told about how his mom used to put a heated stone in his bed so that it wouldn't be so cold. When grandfather was small he had a blanket filled with straw and mice. We also learned that he buried his toothbrush and therefor lost all his teeth. I worked for little "me" to get him to brush his teeth, but that would certainly not have worked for me. When I was that age I wished that I had false teeth so that I could be free of dentists having to pull out teeth to make room for more teeth and orthodontists and braces. I guess, you need to be careful with what you tell children. ;-)

05 December 2007


Sleeping Habits of Scandinavian Elves

It is said that Scandinavian elves sleep on the hay loft (preferably) or the attic (if it is nice enough). That is not true for Nisse Pok. Even though he resides on the hay loft at grandfathers farm, he prefers to sleep in the house. To be exact, he sleeps in grandfathers clogs. This morning little "me" found a tiny little sock on a bed of straw inside one of grandfathers big clogs. Obviously Pok has forgotten it there (or was interrupted while dressing). The only remaining question is: where did Pok get a sock this small????

Today I unpacked a large glass jar. I like jars, tins, cans and boxes. I have many many many filled with all kinds of things. Most of them are filled with tea. (I also like tea.) So, what should I put in this jar? My coins? Cookies? Other food stuff? Small LEGO pieces? Let me know if you have any suggestions.

04 December 2007


"It will be more fun if you take the small packages last."

That is what Terese said. So I go after the big packages in my calendar. Today I grabbed a big and heavy one. Turned out it was a book: Samurai William. (I am wondering if she is secretly trying to feed my lurking book addiction?) Actually I've haerd quite a bit about this book, and I am looking forward to reading it. :-)

Out in the country we learned a new word. We were supposed see "bedriften" together with grandfather. We were a little scared and kept a tight grip on grandfathers leg but couldn't spot any "bedrift". At last we asked what a "bedrift" looked like. Grandfather explained, and we learned a little more about danish farm vocabulary. ;-)


03 December 2007


Dangerous Animal Cup and Saucer

Today i got a Dangerous Animal Cup and Saucer. There is also a tiger on the cup (hihihi).

And elf Pok did some magic and fixed grandfathers old car which hadn't been running for the last 20 years. So now they can drive the car into town to buy licorice (and stuff).

Maybe Pok did some magic for me, too. They had still some of my favorite buns with chocolate pieces at Emmery's when I got there today in the late afternoon. Magic or no, I will now brew some tea and enjoy my chocolate buns. :-)

02 December 2007


More on Scandinavian Elves

Today elf Pok arrived. They didn't actually see him, but they found his suitcase (about the size of a book) in the milking shed. Grandfather had explained earlier that you need to put out some porridge and warm beer every evening in order to keep the elf in a good mood. (I didn't know about the beer. Warm beer sounds pretty "uarg" in my ears...) So when they find the suitcase (while Pok is probably talking to the cat - cats and elves always have a lot to talk about) they decide to make some porridge right away so that they would not forget. And when they fed the animals in the evening they could hear Pok smacking his lips from the hay loft.

I learn a lot of new words. Grandfather uses words I have never heard before. Luckily the little boy doesn't know them either, so they get explained pretty well. ;-)

My calendar gift was a Christmas tree light string. I decided to put it up in my hallway where I still have no light. Well, now I do. :-)

01 December 2007


Charm of Really Good Conscience

Hokuspokus PistVæk came to visit today. Not for a social call but to convince Gunvor to battle a few chores. After Questing for the Satisfied Stomach Hokuspokus PistVæk retreated to knitting and napping in the arm chair, occasionally casting a hypnotic stare and giving a little praise while Gunvor Quested for the Clear Horizontal Surface and hunted Dust Puppies. Now Hokuspokus PistVæk has long gone home and Gunvor just got done with fighting, binding and taming two Textile Monsters.
The last time the apartment has been this clean was in August. This is definitely worth a Charm of Really Good Conscience.



First Package Opened

First of December. Christmas on its way. The first package of my advent calendar may be opened. The only one that has a date.

I now know why:
It is an advent book: "Mig og bedstefar - og så Nisse Pok" (Me and grandfather - and elf Pok) with 24 chapters - one for each day.
In today's chapter the me of the book (an 8 year old boy) arrived at his grandfathers farm. His grandfather looks a lot like Santa. ;-) After saying hello to the dog Sophus and the horse Lottie (who loves chewing gum) they receive a letter from elf Pok, saying that he will visit this year. I got the impression that visiting elves is a normal thing at grandfathers farm...

A note about Scandinavian elves ("nisser" in danish):
They are not your classic fairy like "dancing around half naked" elves. I am still a little hazy on the subject, so please fill in the blanks. As far as I found out, they are small people. I am not quite sure if they can do magic, but I wouldn't be surprised. They tend to wear red caps, and if you treat them well they will look after your animals and farm. They can be quite nasty if you upset them, and they like rice pudding with butter on top. The butter is apparently very important since there are tales about elves (nisser) getting very angry because the butter on the rice pudding was missing.


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