31 October 2007


Exceptional Day

After a whole afternoon of painfull stomach ache and whining to my former better half, Gunvor broke through in an attack of "no-food-in-the-house"- and "no-clean-clothes-to-wear"-despair. Not only did I manage to go shopping and start a load of laundry - I also put clean sheets on the bed, started a second load of laundry, hung up the first load to dry and vacuum-cleaned the bedroom! I don't even remember the last time when I did so many chores in one day. The reason for that can, of course, be the my general inabillity to remember things or keep track of the time that went by, but I seriously doubt that. Especially since I found my second water kettle which I used to have at my old work place... I think, I really like my alternate ego. :-)

Ok, now I am beginning to sound as crazy as I sometimes feel. Or am I beginning to feel how crazy I somtimes am?


25 October 2007


Very Slow Progress

Every once in a while Gunvor manages to break through and do a little battle in my apartment. Very very very slowly (almost unnoticeable) it is getting better. But the too little cleaning is taking its toll. I found a few dishes (in the enormous heap of dirty dishes) which had developed a layer of mold. :-( I washed them, although it was very yucky, instead of letting them dry until the mold dies again, as I know some people do. I now feel like I accomplished something. ;-)


18 October 2007


Displacement Activities

The kitchen is cluttered with dirty dishes. Heaps of clean and dry clothes inhabit all of my chairs. The wrestling stuffed animal (Fridolin) is very upset that I haven't made the bed in days. And I don't walk around with bare feet anymore because my floor is sandy. I should turn into Gunvor and battle the chores. Instead I sleep, watch James Bond DVD's (I found the whole collection on sale...), or embroider. My latest project got done yesterday:

A dragon (embroidered with color changing thread) on Terese's hankerchief


15 October 2007


Blätter wascheln gehen

Fall is here. I noticed that today by the sound I made when walking through fallen leaves on my way home from work. I remember that my father, sister and I often went to the public parks in the fall. We spent hours playing the heaps of raked up fallen leaves. And I still associate the sound of walking through dry leaves with tons of fun. :-)


First Mooched Book Arrived

On Friday the first book I mooched arrived. I mooched "Artemis Fowl" from Finland. It was shipped with B mail and took 6 days to reach me. Many people have recommended "Artemis Fowl" to me, but I have always been hesitant to buy it. Therefore, it seemed the perfect choice of book to mooch. I'm still not sure if it is my kind of book, but now at least, I can set it on my inventory list at bookmooch if I decide that I don't like it.


14 October 2007


301 books and many more

Today I've entered book number 301 in my catalogue at LibraryThing. I know that I have a lot of books, but still, I am amazed. Especially since I have mostly only entered the "easy" books. Those which I have read and are at my place right now. (Easy books are those which have an ISBN and pop up at once when you search for them on amazon.de or amazon.com...) There are still shelves of books I haven't even looked at in connection with LibraryThing.

Now that I think of this, I notice that I only ever counted shelves of books. And I am obviously not very good at counting. I count a little like a troll. I can count to 10 and then it's many, many many, many many many, etc. OK - let me try again... I have about (depending on how you count shelves) many many many many many many many many many many shelves of books.


10 October 2007


First Day at New Job

I started my new job today. The first day is always the hardest, and since I didn't sleep very much, I knew it would be tough. But I was surprised. It was still a lot of information at once, but the whole atmosphere was extremely friendly and very relaxed. I got flowers and we started the day with breakfast and a lot of laughter. I have never before encountered this mixture of familiarity and heartiness at a workplace.


Sleepless Night

I can tell already now that this will be a sleepness night.

The day was chaotic; started with waiting, anxious feelings, wanting to help - it ended with anxiety, desperation and complete helplessness.
It is impossible to help someone if the help is unwanted or not recognized as such.
Nothing I can do. I have tried. Several times - not only today.
It feels like my message is not beeing heard - but just bounces off the wall.

I cannot watch another help-denying friend go to pieces without going to pieces myself - especially not two of them at the same time.
That means I need to pull back, retreat, withdraw - both mentally and physically. In most cases that also results in lost friendship. I know. Been there. Done that.

All I now can do is wait and hope. Wait to hear from them. Hope they can find help elsewhere, and hope our friendship survives.

08 October 2007


Longer Nights

Nights are getting longer. I notice because the human is still awake when I get up and gets up before I go to bed. This morning she was very awake and talkative, and since I wasn't tired yet I let er pet me. I also showed her that I wanted some goodies. She hadn't been very generous with them lately, but today she seemed to be in a good mood. I got yoghurt and sll kinds of tasty vegetables. I also found them all! (The humand tends to scatter my food in my cage, so I always have to search to find it all. Very annoying!) Now I have lots of tasy things in my house. :-)


06 October 2007


Invitation to Baptism

This wonderful picture of Christian is an Invitation to his baptism which I received today. I am very happy to be invited and am looking forward to the big event on Sunday, october 21st


03 October 2007


Books on LibraryThing

I have decided to register the books I own on LibraryThing. I am hoping that this will help me to get an overview and, thus, not as often get me into the situation where I cannot remember if I own this really good book or if I just read it somewhere. This project (registering) will take a while, since I owm many books...


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