Hi, my name is Eduard, and I am a golden hamster. I used to live together with Marius who named me "Putte". Marius was a little afraid of me, and so it was his mother Marianne that took care of me. And that is why I moved. When I moved I got a my new name, which is a bit more dignified, and I also got a new and bigger hamster cage. I had a nice little cage with a name tag which Marius wrote when I was young, but as I grew, the cage became too small. Here are some pictures which illustrate that...


I really like my new cage. It is a lot bigger and I have the possiblity to run, explore and hide. There also came a new and bigger hamster wheel with the new cage, which makes exercising a lot more enjoyable. I put on some muscle since I moved too, and now I weigh 115 - 119 grams.

I don't see very much of my new care taker. She sleeps during the night and I sleep during the day. We usually say "hello" and "sleep tight" in the mornings and evenings and sometimes she wakes me up when cleaning my toilet (as if that couldn't wait until I am awake...). I get fresh food in the mornings after I have gone to bed, so I usually don't bother to get up - unless there is something I really like. At the moment I will get up for yoghurt.

Sometimes Marius comes to visit me. That is quite exciting because I never know what to expect. Last time Marius actually wanted to hold me in his hands! He was still a little afraid, but he noticed that my nails are not scatchy at all. Marius also gave me some corn and from Marianne I got a haselnut.

If you want to read more about me and my daily life you can look here.