12 December 2009


Not so Subtle Christmas Elf

Ok, what is this Christmas Elf trying to tell me??

First, the Christmas Elf wants me to grow a boyfriend and now I get this "wild and sexy massage oil".

Not very subtle ;-)
And I can just see the boyfriend using this gift as an excuse for getting daily massages...

11 December 2009


Patience - Or Not

Why are these puzzles called "IQ puzzles"?
In my opinion, the only thing you need to solve these kind of puzzles is a ton of patience - and possibly the ability to visualise objects spacially. I am very good at the latter. Patience can be a different matter, though. At times I have tons of patience. It just oozes out of me. But today I had none. I cheated. After a "very" short trial period I just looked at the solution. Actually, you can only use the solution paper if you can visualise objects spacially, since it is kind of hard to draw a movement in two dimensions - at least for this puzzle it is.

10 December 2009


More Room for Tea

Today was very exhausting. A lot of phone calls which had to be done and running around. But I managed everything and treated myself to take out wok food. :-)
I unpacked another tea can - a little bigger and without tea. You would think that I have enough cans. But I do not! I only have too little storage space. And yes, I will store more tea in this can.

09 December 2009


Winter Tea

Today I unpacked this shiny red tea can filled with strong black tea - the kind that is good with milk and cookies. :-)

08 December 2009


Patterns and Early Christmas Presents

A set of these patterned napkins was todays present. I like regular patterns a lot, but I have a really hard time drawing/painting anything swirly. Maybe it is therefore that I like these napkins so much.

Later today Maria and I went to my storage container to drop off some stuff. We ended up at her house, drinking tea and talking which we hadn't had a chance to do for a long time. The really nice afternoon hold a pleasant and unplanned surprise. Maria pulled out this tremendous book and told me that she couldn't wait for Christmas to give it to me because she was so excited about it. The patterns in the book and the velvety pattern on the outside of the book reminded her of the wallpaper pieces we bought at one point and of a picture I made. The patterns in this book are quite different from what I "usually" paint, but I wish I could paint a little like that. The book certainly triggered my inspiration and I am tossing new ideas around in my head. :-) 

07 December 2009



Ha! See! I am not the only one who writes on her skin! Now you can buy pens made especially for that. Muahahaha!

Of course you will have to call them "tattoo pens". You wouldn't want to admit that you forget everthing you didn't write down and that you always lose the paper you wrote your notes on. ;-)

06 December 2009



Pretty paper!
What should I make from it?
Cards? Bookmarks? Collages?
I can hear my brain working. :-)

05 December 2009


Nam Nam Nam

Today I found the last of the big and heavy presents. I think. I didn't take them all out of the bag. I alwas open the big and heavy presents first because I am usually away from home come Christmas, and this way the suitcase is a lot lighter. ;-)

"Nikolajs grønne verden" (Nikolajs Green World) is a cook book which concentrates on vegetables. The recipes look kind of advanced, but they inspire me a lot. Hmmm, I am getting hungry!

04 December 2009


Christmas Baking?

Apparently the Christmas Elf is of the opinion that I should do some Christmas baking. Although muffin forms are not necessarily very Christmasy. I had actually kind of gotten used to the idea that I would not manage any baking at all this Christmas, but now I am a little inspired again. Maybe Tereses and I will manage to do some baking anyway?

03 December 2009


Tired and Restless

I am getting restless but am still too tired and groggy to do much of anything. Who would have thought that recuperating takes so much strength and energy? It certainly caught me off guard. Todays gift which is a cherry pit pillow turned out to be a small blessing and was set to use right away warming my freezing feet while I napped most of the day away. :-)

02 December 2009


Groggy, Groggy, Groggy

I was already groggy when I got up this morning. Bath, breakfast and the bus ride to my doctor went by with me on autopilot. The trip to the library, pharmacy and grocery store are a little hazy in my memory. And I first remembered my advent calendar after I had finished off all salmon I had with large amounts of pickled ginger. :-)

This lovely bowl (todays gift) is now filled with pumkin seeds I roasted. I like bowls. The are the most versatile tableware and you can simply not have too many. ;-)

But now, I think I will go back to my cozy chair again, wrap myself in a warm blanket and read and doze some more. Hopefully I will be more awake tomorrow.

01 December 2009


Time Flying By

Time flew by. It is December and lovely Terese assembled again an advent calendar for me. With me being in the hospital and her running around and trying to find an apprenticeship position we didn't manage to get the calendar home to me before December 1st. So I went to pick it up from her place today.
Of course I had to unpack the first package at once. I chose this quite heavy and gigantic "sweet".
Which proved to be a huge glass of pickled ginger.
Hmmmmmm :-)

I think I will have sushi with lots of pickled ginger very soon.

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