09 December 2007


Things I find in my Closet...

People who come to visit me are often stunned by the large number of books I own. I like books. Books are my friends. Most of my shelves are stuffed with books. Especially because I also consider throwing books away a capital crime. Unfortunately, I also started to accumulate quite a number of DVDs over the last year. So, no surprise, I ran out of shelf space. I have been thinking about all kinds of possible ways to sort out my problem (move to a bigger apartment, throw away things which are not books, put some books into storage, etc.). The solution I settled on was to buy some more boards to the shelves I already have, and make them fit (which involves different kinds of saws).
I don't know what made me look into my closet, but there, in the back most corner was one (already finished) board hiding, trying to look innocent. It is not in hiding any longer. It is not going to last, but right now all my books and DVDs fit neatly onto the shelves without being double stacked. I will savor the moment as long as it lasts. :-)

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