18 December 2007


Saved By an Elf

I should have known that something was wrong when the human left my cage on the floor after she cleaned it. The next day there was a terrible earth quake in the middle of the day. I was all alone and very scared. It ripped me out of my sweetest dreams. I was overwhelmed by stranges smells and terrible noises. It was awful! Then all of a sudden everything was quiet again. It still smelled different, but the noise and shaking had stopped. I was hiding in the corner of my house trying to calm my stomach when the roof was lifted. I was afraid that more terrible things were going to happen, but everything was ok. It was an elf, and as everybody knows: elves are good to animals and take care of them. This elf is huge - like a human - but it is wearing an elf-hat and wearing elf-clothes - obviously an elf! It gave me some squash and I committed its scent to memory, so that I will be able to thank it later when I am properly awake.


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