11 December 2007


Strangely Behaving Human

I feel neglected. The human is there, but she rarely notices me. That is weired! I have made sure to get up in the mornings when I hear the human stumbling around. I even started to run in my wheel and rattle with things to get her attention. It does work. Kind of. She feeds me every morning and cleans my toilet, but she doesn't even try to play. True, I haven't been extremely fond of playing, but I kind of miss the attention. This morning I sat right in the cage door the whole time while she filled up my food bowl and cleaned my toilet. I managed to get a hold of one of her huge fingers and pulled at it a little. It didn't move. :-( But that seemed to have helped to get er attention. She stroked me. Way too little, but it was better than being ignored. I also got a nut, which helped to calm me a bit. I hope she remembers me again now that I got her attention.


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