23 February 2009


Book Sale Starting Soon

The book sale will start on February 25th. SOON! :-)
It is mostly (only?) books in danish that will be on sale. Since I prefer to read untranslated books as much as I am able to, I have pretty much ignored the book sales up to now.
The thing is that it has been brought to my attention repeatedly that hardly knowing any danish books and authors is a serious error in my upbringing. (I am sure this is not meant reproachfully towards my parents.) In the least, it is a serious neglect on my part of living in Denmark and learning danish.
I want to change that. And I need help of you Danes out there to this. I would like to get my hands on (or borrow from the library) more of the books (from danish authors) that "everybody" knows or has read. I do have a few (very few) which I am NOT going to list here. I don't want to bias you. ;-)
So, which children's, young adult, adult books by danish authors would you recommend? (Please do not ignore children's books in your suggestions. I have noticed that they help me tremendously with learning the nuances of the danish language.)

I don't know if I will recommend it, but the book took me by storm when I read it three years ago. I hate this man's cynic and fatalistic attitude, but he displays deep psychological insights; moreover the book is heartpoundingly thrilling and unfortunately seems fully realistic all the way through. Only minus is that at the end you'll say: NO, the world isn't at all that bad - without feeling really sure.

Author: Christian Jungersen
Title: Undtagelsen (2005 ?)

An excited reader tells more (in danish) at:
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