27 February 2009


Stockings, Socks and Other Thoughts

Buying socks is a necessary evil. I rarely go shopping for them, and when I am forced to do so, I am never happy with what I acquire. It is always a compromise in which I pull the shortest straw. Mostly I get my socks in form of birthday or Christmas presents. Or I get the ones my family and friends sort out. Somehow my family and friends are better at finding good socks. Alternatively, socks get better after they have been worn a while?

Well, my socks definitely go to pieces after I have worn them a short while. It doesn't make a difference either what kind of quality socks I wear. It is mostly my right big toe that eats its way through my socks. :-/ Usually, I just throw the one damaged sock out and wear mismatched pairs, but ever since I got left- and right-footed socks this is a problem. I am acquiring a bunch of left-footed socks which I feel bad about throwing out, since they mostly are in very good condition.
Any ideas on what I can use them for apart from wearing?

Anyway, I got this pair of knee-high stockings from Terese. She didn't like them because they have stripes in different shades of blue which was what intrigued me. I haven't worn knee-high stockings since I was in elementary school and hated them back then. Therefore it took me a while to actually wear them for the first time.

They are absolutely fantastic! :-)

They keep my feet comfortably warm (and yes, at times this is an enormous challenge), they don't slide down to my ankles all the time (which is reason #1 for hating knee-high stockings), and they are not boring. They even keep me from scratching my calves bloody! (Explanatory side note: When I am stressed or during the winter my skin gets itchy and dry. And then I unconsciously scratch myself bloody. I have various strategies for avoiding self mutilation, but they require discipline and only work to a certain degree.) Bottom line is that these stockings are perfect!
Please, dear Sock Fairy, exchange all my socks for knee-high stockings that are this wonderful!

Change of topic.
I wanted to let you know that I am seeing things with a little more hope these days. I am still angry and feel trapped and have these moments where I fantasize about bashing peoples heads in, but on the whole I can see a way forward. I don't know if it is a way out. It definitely feels like I no longer am trapped anymore. I am still a nerve wreck and very stressed out, but I am not paralyzed anymore. Which reminds me... I should pack my unopened mail from the last three weeks and have someone at work open it for me and help me sort out the letters that I have to do something with right now. There are probably a lot of bills which have to be paid today...

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