14 September 2007


Morning wake-up call

This morning when the human woke me to clean my toilet I decided to start training her again. So, I left my bed and crawled up to my food bowl (which only contained boring food) and looked very accusingly at the bowl and then at the human. She understood right away and filled up the bowl again. (Maybe training her won't be so hard after all...) Just when I had filled up my cheek pouches the human offered me a baby corn cob. I didn't want to risk her taking it away again, so I carried it off in my mouth which was quite complicated with filled cheek pouches. Unfortunately, I couldn't fit it through the door of my house, so I decided to hurry inside to empty my pouches and then get the corn cob, but the human was so nice as to shove the corn cob into the house for me, so I din't have tu hurry so much and could go back to sleep after a morning snack. :-)


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