09 April 2009


Totally Beat

Now my body has realized that I am on vacation and is demanding a lot of rest. I sleep a lot and the only thing I can motivate myself to do is to take the bus into town and drink coffee at a sidewalk café. But it takes forever to get up and going in the mornings.

That is also why my father had to take Penelope to the vet alone, yesterday. And then they didn't come home again. For hours I waited and got more and more worried. Finally, my father came home with a very tired Penelope and a big plastic bag full of medicine - a drip to rinse her kidneys, shots with anibiotics, shots with pain-killers and powdered rabbit food which we are supposed to mix with water and force feed her. :-( The vet gave her one treatment right away and we are supposed to continue with that for the next days. The vet wants to se Penelope again on Tuesday.

The pain-killers seemed to have done their job well: Penelope went to sit on the balcony for the first time in a long while. It is a little hard for her to get there, since she has to hop over the doorsill which is a little high. Penelope enjoyed a sunny afternoon on the balcony and Pinella came to visit a few times.

Today Penelope is not well. She doesn't hop at all anymore and nearly stopped eating. I had to carry her into the living room. She survived the first drip and shot but cannot be convinced to eat. She also looks very tired and beat. :-/

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