08 December 2009


Patterns and Early Christmas Presents

A set of these patterned napkins was todays present. I like regular patterns a lot, but I have a really hard time drawing/painting anything swirly. Maybe it is therefore that I like these napkins so much.

Later today Maria and I went to my storage container to drop off some stuff. We ended up at her house, drinking tea and talking which we hadn't had a chance to do for a long time. The really nice afternoon hold a pleasant and unplanned surprise. Maria pulled out this tremendous book and told me that she couldn't wait for Christmas to give it to me because she was so excited about it. The patterns in the book and the velvety pattern on the outside of the book reminded her of the wallpaper pieces we bought at one point and of a picture I made. The patterns in this book are quite different from what I "usually" paint, but I wish I could paint a little like that. The book certainly triggered my inspiration and I am tossing new ideas around in my head. :-) 

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