13 August 2008



The human is behaving strangely. Lately I have either not seen her at all for days or I see her a lot. Yesterday, for example, she came home at a time that she usually is long asleep. I was very surprised to suddenly see her walk in. I thought she was asleep. And then she got up only a few hours later again - a lot earlier than she usually does. Not that that is a bad thing. I get to see her a lot more and that means I get a lot more attention and wonderful things to eat. But it is strange...

This is the delicious fruit and vegetable mix I got.

Yes, I can fit more!


Gee, Eduard, you look much better now than the last time I saw you!
Must be that new day-&-night schedule of yours, and of course the more adventurous sort of life-stile of your human (WOW: she's really going out partying all night, isn't she?!).

Well, good luck to you for the near future at least, and hang on - the "old-and-furry human"
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