30 November 2008


First Advent Sunday

I know it's been a while since I last wrote something here. Things have been a little too eventful for me to be able to keep up. So I expect to be doing some heavy duty backtracking as soon as I find the time and especially the mood to do so. But lets get started with today. ;-)

I invited to an Advents Sunday get together today to get started on the baking and decorating. (I also wanted to pack some very overdue birthday presents, but I didn't get around to that. :-( I think they will get sent together with Christmas presents now.) Most of the people I invited had other plans, but it still was a very nice day with Pelle, Maria, Gitte and her Morten.

With Marias help I got some of my baking done. She also brought a box with "left over" stuff for making Christmas decoration. I used a lot of that on my Advent wreath (which is more a plate than a wreath). I think I will have to get some bigger candles. The first one is almost gone now... I also decorated my living room (with helpful suggestions from Gitte and Morten). The rest of the Christmas decoration I own I will take to work tomorrow and use there. :-)

Terese has once again been so sweet to make a Christmas calendar for me. This years calendar fits (almost) in a bag.

I had to defend my calendar. Gitte tried very hard to convince me to unpack the whole thing at once. She didn't succeed. ;-)

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