04 February 2008


Horrible Day in Good Company

Today started shitty. Then it got worse. By 7 AM I was ready to go back to bed, cross the day out of my calendar and forget that it ever existed.
And then Terese happened. She listened and helped me focus on the few things that I could and needed to do something about.
Later, Terese came and sat with me for a while, and then Peter, Camilla and Christian Marius came and picked me up. I went through very intensive "Baby Therapy" at their house: feeding, changing and feeding a very displeased and tired Christian Marius. Both him and me got covered in lasagne, potato, banana, liverpie and bread, while Peter and Camilla tried everything they could think of to pacify him. The new child safety barrier for the door did the trick. ;-)
After a warm dinner (lots of peas), a reassurance that I am always welcome, and a waiting hamster (at home), I am now totally beat.
I still don't feel good - but a lot better and very very tired.

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Here - now you know, what REALLY matters (babies, hamsters,..), right?
Anytime! (.... Well, anytime I'm not too messed up in my own derailed life ;-) )
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